Offaly man makes lasting impression on First Dates Ireland

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


First Dates Ireland Zack

A young Offaly man made a big impression as soon as he arrived at the restaurant on last night's First Dates Ireland.

Eighteen-year-old and hugely confident Zack arrived wearing an eye catching suit that he got on ebay from China and a pink boa. 

Zack date was 18-year-old Tadhg from Carlow who immediately won the viewers over when he confessed that this was his 'very first date' and that he found it difficult to talk to any lads.

Zack and Tadhg immediately realise they share a love of hit TV show, RuPaul’s Drag Race with Tadhg saying that 'this date is going to go well.'

As the date progresses, there is an emotional moment when Tadhg reveals that at times he feels like he is in 'a pit of loneliness' but Zack boosts his date's spirits and brings a wide smile to his face by complimenting him on being 'really good looking' and telling him he has 'really nice eyes'.

The pair continue to get along throughout the date and it is no surprise when Zack says he has never been on a date where he has so much in common even to the point to where they have the same type of dog. 

And it was no surprise to hear at the end of the night that both would like to go on another date together.

You can watch the full episode on the RTE Player HERE