JobPath supplier aims to add 180 Offaly employers to their service

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Turas Nua aim to add 180 Offaly employers to their service

Turas Nua

JobPath supplier Turas Nua has announced they are increasing their efforts to work with more employers in Offaly and are targeting an additional 180 businesses and organisations over the course of the coming year. This is on top of the 554 employers they are already working within the county. 

The employment activation organisation delivers the JobPath programme on behalf of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection in 13 counties across the southern half of the Republic of Ireland. They are now placing approximately 1,000 people in jobs each month. 

In Offaly, they have helped 769 people find work and expect that number to increase further over the course of the coming year.

Turas Nua are tasked with preparing the long-term unemployed (ie those out of work for 12 months or longer) to secure and sustain employment. Across their entire area of operations, Turas Nua has now placed more than 20,000 long-term unemployed people in work. 

While a total of 4,873 people in Offaly have participated in training courses delivered as part of the bespoke training programme provided by Turas Nua for each participant. 

For the next phase of their operations, Turas Nua is looking to add to their roster of employers and will be making a push across their area of operations to add an additional 5,000 employers to their roster over the next 12 months. This will bring the total number of employers they work with to over 20,000. 

Turas Nua’s employer service includes the provision of training and development courses that are specifically designed to meet the employer’s requirements, onsite visits to ensure the employer’s needs are being addressed, detailed candidate screening, the provision of off-site interview space as well as advice on how employers can progress their workforce and access free employee training. 

Speaking about the focus on attracting more Offaly employers, Colin Donnery, Director with Turas Nua said, “We are making a concentrated effort over the coming year to work with additional employers from throughout Offaly. This includes employers of all sizes, from household name brands to local operations and start-up businesses."

"Employers large and small have all seen how we can tailor our approach to give them what they need. That focus applies both during the recruitment process and in the provision of post-hire support.  This approach has helped us work with most of our employer partners in Offaly again and again as new job opportunities arise, involving fresh needs for the employer."  

“We are here to help improve the entire employment activation process. That means working with employers as well as job seekers. Which is why we have put a lot of focus into developing a strong package of support for employers. Creating employment opportunities has never been a numbers game, it is a qualitative process which needs to benefit both the job holder and the employer.  We understand that employers don’t just want employees, they want the right employees." 

“We are delighted that Turas Nua is already working with a large and growing contingent of Offaly employers who value our service. We are constantly seeking to help enable more successful employment placements. We are now seeking to bring our services to an additional 180 employers in Offaly over the course of the coming year."

"We expect the number of Offaly companies we are working with to keep growing, meaning more jobseekers can secure lasting jobs and more employers can thrive by securing the staff they require to fulfil their business needs,” Mr. Donnery concluded.