Concern raised over Edenderry ambulance bay following weekend incident

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Concern raised over Edenderry ambulance bay following weekend incident

Concern raised over Edenderry ambulance bay following weekend incident

The lack of a Saturday service at the brand new, multi-million ambulance bay in Edenderry is causing concern in Edenderry following a serious incident at the weekend.

A teenage soccer player required emergency medical treatment after being knocked unconscious during a schoolboy match between Derry Rovers and Castlevilla FC in Edenderry on Saturday.

The young boy waited over a half an hour for an ambulance and a further 15 minutes for the air ambulance at the Oaklands Community College sports pitch, just 200 hundred metres away from the ambulance bay, which was opened officially earlier this year.

The issue arose because there is no ambulance cover at the new bay on a Saturday, an issue that has sparked furious outrage throughout the town following the weekend's incident. 

Cllr Noel Cribbin explained that at present, "there is a crew of 10 in Edenderry," but added, "that will soon rise to 12 from November and will result in two crews being on duty from Monday to Thursday."

He described this as "great news" and said efforts are also being made to "resolve the Saturday issue."

"The Ambulance paramedics in Edenderry cover a huge area which includes Offaly, Laois, Kildare, Meath and Westmeath and now with the extra crew on, it will hopefully mean that there will be one available at all times," he added.

"However with Ambulance services it’s all down to call-outs. Another source of concern with our paramedics is the issue with the Midoc services or lack of a service in Offaly which has seen Midoc services taken out of both Birr and Edenderry, leaving only one service in Tullamore to service the entire county," Cllr Cribbin continued.

"This is totally inadequate and is now resulting in many call-outs by the Ambulance crews to find people with minor issues that should be dealt with by their local GP or Midoc services."

"We fought long and hard to get the Ambulance services into the Edenderry area and now with the building of the Ambulance station it guarantees this vital service going forward, however, the service is still not 100% perfect and we need to bring the service up to 24/7."

"We also need the Midoc services restored to both Birr and Edenderry so that the people of Offaly have both services working hand in hand to give a better outcome to both vital services when needed," Cribbin concluded.