Tullamore Hospital release statement with A&E 'extremely busy' today

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Tullamore Hospital release statement with A&E 'extremely busy'

Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore

Tullamore Hospital has released a statement with its A&E department said to be "extremely busy" yet again this Friday, October 12.

In a statement to the Offaly Express, the hospital said, "Tullamore Hospital remains extremely busy today with many patients requiring admission. There are currently 27 people waiting to be seen in the emergency department and 18 admitted and awaiting an inpatient bed."

"Just over 100 people attended the Emergency Department on October 11. 19 of these patients required admission. The Hospital is complying with the escalation policy and all measures are being taken to address the current situation, including active discharge planning by working with patients, families and Community Health Organisations to plan discharges so beds can be available for those admitted," a spokesperson continued.

"The Hospital regrets any delays experienced by our patients. People are being advised that they will experience delays as the hospital prioritises care for patients most in need."

"People are asked to consider all their healthcare options, including Injury units or GP and Out of Hours Services which may provide more appropriate and comfortable healthcare for those who are not in need of urgent attention."