Tullamore Hospital make appeal as 8,000 people don't turn up for appointments

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Tullamore Hospital make appeal as 8,000 people simply fail to turn up for appointments

Midlands Regional Hospital, Tullamore

The Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore has responded to an Offaly Express report that revealed over 8,000 people did not turn up to their scheduled outpatient appointments at the hospital in 2017.

Tullamore is a major outpatient specialist referral centre for the Midlands. High demand specialist services include Orthopaedics, Renal Dialysis, Oncology and ENT.

The hospital said that 78,287 outpatient appointments were scheduled for consultant-led clinics in 2017, meaning 10.4% (8,138) did not attend for their appointments and did not cancel or inform the Hospital beforehand.

In a statement to the Offaly Express, a spokesperson said, "The hospital is constantly validating waiting lists, in line with national protocols. All new patients are issued with an appointment letter which outlines the importance of contacting the medical secretary if they cannot attend their appointment and reminder letters or text messages are issued seven days before the scheduled appointment."

"The Hospital would appeal to people who cannot attend for their appointments to immediately contact the hospital so the appointment can be offered to someone else. For every missed appointment, another person is awaiting an appointment," the spokesperson said.