Offaly woman 'in fear of her life' over blogger claim

Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly Express Reporter


Offaly woman 'in fear of her life' over false blogger claim

Bloggers unveiled

Gardaí have confirmed that investigations are ongoing after it was falsely claimed that an Offaly beautician was the person behind the Instagram account, 'Bloggers Unveiled'.

The account has over 220,000 followers and it states that it is dedicated to exposing those who mislead or mistreat their followers.

Since it was claimed she was the person behind Bloggers Unveiled, 29-year-old Ramona Treacy from Tullamore has received numerous threats including a mass card sent to her home which reads, 'in memory of Ramona Tracey'. She contacted Gardaí who have launched an investigation.

In an interview with The Times, Ramona stated, "I am living in fear of my life. It has reached a stage where I’m taking medication to cope with the stress and anxiety, and I am not a weak person but this has destroyed me. " You can read the full interview here

Meanwhile Bloggers Unveiled commented in a post, "This is not okay. When I distance myself from it all, I find the whole thing so sickening it’s unreal. This page isn’t personal, and if people could see half the DMs I receive, they would realise I’m not out to ruin people or cause hurt. I don’t post 90% of the stuff I get, and sure I’m a little brash at times and have probably over-stepped the mark at certain points, but the purpose of this page has always been to show the truth. So how have we gotten to the stage where someone’s life is being threatened over this?"