Midlands teenager drowns in holiday tragedy

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Midlands teenager drowns in holiday tragedy

A teenager from the Midlands has been named as the drowning victim in a Spanish holiday tragedy at the weekend.

19-year-year Joshua Osahon went missing in the water while swimming with a group of friends and Spanish volunteers at a lake in Spain on Saturday evening. 

Joshua is originally from Nigeria but was understood to have been living with his family in Portlaoise. He was travelling in Spain on an Irish passport. 

The young man's parents travelled to Spain on Sunday where they travelled to Albacete where their son was taken following the discovery of his body. A post-mortem was scheduled to take place at the hospital there. 

Joshua disappeared while swimming on Saturday evening at a lake called Laguna Salvadora, one of the 15 small lakes that make up the Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park.

He was with a group of Spanish teenagers taking part in a language course.

Police have been investigating the circumstances of the teenager's death. It's understood he was noticed missing after a large group left the water to return to their bus in order to leave the area.

A search was then launched for Joshua who was said to be a good swimmer. A body was then taken from the water on Sunday afternoon.