WATCH: Dramatic video shows up close how Defence Forces helicopters fought the Slieve Bloom fire

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


WATCH: Another dramatic video shows up close how helicopters fought the Slieve Bloom fire

A birds eye view of fighting the forest fire with a helicopter

The fire that burned through the Slieve Bloom mountains over the past few days is finally out thanks to the hard work of hundreds of individuals across a range of agencies.

One group that were called in to help were the Defence Forces. They deployed two helicopters and 75 troops to assist local authorities fighting the fire. In the course of the operation, the Air Corps dropped 68,400 litres of water over 57 runs in assisting the local fire services.

This dramatic video from the Defence Forces Facebook Page ( shows just how precise and potentially dangerous an operation it is to douse a raging forest fire through the heat and smoke with water dangling in a bucket from the bottom of a helicopter.