Shock sweeps Edenderry after late night sexual assault

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Shock in Edenderry after late night sexual assault

Shock in Edenderry after late night sexual assault

There has been widespread shock in the town of Edenderry after the Offaly Express reported a serious sexual assault over the weekend. 

A woman in her 20s was confronted and sexually assaulted in the Blundell Wood area of the town, close to the Grand Canal at approximately 3.25am on Sunday morning, June 17, just over a week ago.

Local councillors have expressed shock at this attack and have called for a "more visible" Garda presence in the town.

Cllr Noel Bourke said that a crime of this magnitude is "alarming and worrying," going on to say, "people should be able to go about their business, whether it be day or night, without the fear of being assaulted in any way."

"Unfortunately, we are now living at a time when all sorts of incidents are taking place nationally and that it very much to be regretted. We don’t know what we are going to hear from radio/TV or social media any morning regarding incidents in various parts of the country the previous night," Cllr Bourke continued.

He went on to sat that, "we are told by Gardaí that the crime rate in this district has reduced considerably but more must be done to eliminate the type of assault of last weekend and indeed crime of all kinds."

"The number of Gardaí in Edenderry is higher now than it has been for some time but a more visible presence of Gardaí is needed to deal with those who are prone to committing assaults or any crime," Cllr Bourke added.

Cllr Noel Cribbin also remarked, "it is very worrying that we have a person of this type living among us."

"I have been constantly raising these issues at both the Municipal and Joint Policing Committee meetings, resulting in two new Gardaí being assigned to Edenderry recently."

However, Cllr Cribbin went on to say, "I have only recently requested that with the extra Gardaí, we see more visibility on the beat and that the 'Garda Bike' also be seen on the streets of Edenderry."

Cllr Cribbin concluded by appealing "to anyone who knows anything about this attack to report it to the Gardaí and for ladies in particular to be careful and aware whilst out and about in this fine weather."

Gardai are also appealing for anyone who may have witnessed anyone acting suspiciously in the Blundell Wood area on Saturday night or Sunday morning last, June 16/17 to contact them at Edenderry Garda Station on 0469731290.


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