Edenderry councillor expresses 'serious concern' over proposed route of town's inner relief road

The proposed route will go through two housing estates

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Edenderry councillor expresses 'serious concern' over proposed site of town's inner relief road

Edenderry councillor expresses 'serious concern' over proposed site of town's inner relief road

Offaly County Councillor Noel Cribbin has said that despite his recognition of traffic congestion issues in Edenderry, he feels strongly that the preferred route of Offaly County Council is "not the right option and may cause more problems than it fixes."

"The council route will turn traffic coming into town from the Dublin Road at the Tesco roundabout and bring around 7,000 vehicles a day up across Clonmullen Lane, through two housing estates which have 30 houses with young families and presently little or no traffic, crossing the lane again into Rosderra and coming out onto the Carrick Road at Clonmeen Rise Estate and then to cross the road on towards the Dunnes Stores road," Cribbin explained.

"I want this Inner Relief Road yesterday it’s that badly needed, but this is a higgledy-piggledy effort and wouldn’t be acceptable in any other town and we should not accept it either," he stated.

"If that wasn’t bad enough they intend to put lights at the Tesco roundabout and if they go in they will cause traffic tailbacks halfway out to Carbury on one side and a traffic jam back up to the Town Hall on the other side," Cribbin added.

"This will I feel be very negative on the many fine businesses on the Dublin Road with a constant traffic jam on the road and customers unable to get in or out of premises, so for me this route is not going to solve the traffic jams that we have now and will only make the problem worse."

Cllr Cribbin proposed an alternative route, that he has submitted to the planners, starting on the Dublin side of Lawton and Foley's garage and connecting to the Kinnegad road less that 1,500 hundred metres away.

"This new road would not interfere with any housing estates, cross residential areas and importantly will not cause any traffic tailbacks into town and cause issues for the businesses on the Dublin Road."

This road, if built would divide the traffic coming into town into three areas, according to Cribbin.

One stream of traffic would come into the Dublin Road area for shopping or residents in the Murphy Street, Greenwood areas would come in as normal, the second stream of traffic would service Rosderra, the Swimming Pool, GAA grounds and those coming into town at the Bank Of Ireland area of town to go left onto the new road at the garage, while the third would allow motorists go to Dunnes Stores, all the schools or to the Francis Street area.

"I feel this would be a far better Inner Relief Road for the town, it would solve the problem of getting from the Boyne Bridge on the way into town to the schools, Rosderra and onto Rhode without having to come through the Main Street and would alos solve our traffic jam issues," Cribbin claims.

"I have spoken to local engineers in Offaly County Council, to the road planners and this week I had a private  meeting with our CEO Anna Marie Delaney over this and I tried to impress on her the issues that we have and that my proposal, albeit more costly, would be far better for the town and its businessess."

Cllr Cribbin says the CEO assured him and gave a commitment to look into Noel Cribbin's alternative proposal.


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