UPDATE: Petition to save Offaly boy from deportation breaks 5,000 signatures

Messages of support have been pouring in for the teenager and his family from the local community

Damian Moran


Damian Moran



Petition to save Offaly schoolboy from deportation closing in on 1,000 signatures

Poster for the 'Save Nonso' campaign

A petition to  Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan to save a 14 year old Offaly boy from deportation has now gathered more than 5,000 signatures as the local community shows its support for the young man and his family.

When we published a story highlighting the petition yesterday afternoon, the petition had 950 signatures but support has mushroomed since and as of this morning, the petition has in excess of 5,000 signatures. You can see and sign the petition by clicking here

The Minister is being asked to consider revoking a deportation order against Nonso Muojeke which would see him sent back to Nigeria, a country where he doesn't even speak the language. He has been living in Ireland with his mother and older brother for 11 years. Their application for asylum was declined in 2009.

Many messages of support for Nonso have also been left when people have signed the petition.

One says, "Nonso is a good friend to me and has done nothing wrong to anyone he is very intelligent and smart" while another adds, "This boy and his family deserve to stay in Ireland, this is all Nonso knows and the country they thought was welcoming and accepting is pushing them out, please help Nonso his brother Victor and their mother Chidi."

One commenter summed up the thoughts of many by saying, "Nonso deserves to be treated as an Irish Citizen at this stage. He is here since he was two years old. His life and family are Irish," with another stating straightforwardly, "justice for Nonso. His future is here in Ireland."

The on line petition trying to stop the deportation states, "Nonso Muojeke came to Ireland when he was two years old. He has been living in Tullamore, Co. Offaly with his mother and older brother for eight years. The family have never been a burden on the state. Nonso is a kind, quiet and intelligent boy whose future belongs in Ireland. We cannot explain to his classmates or friends why this Government want to deport him. How do we justify this? Nonso and his family are valuable members of this community. Our T.D's can intervene to save this boy and his family. They can be deported at any time."