Bridge Centre says Offaly Garda car clamping was innocent 'prank'

Images have been circulating online

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Bridge Centre says Garda car clamping was innocent 'prank'

A spokesperson for the Bridge Shopping Centre in Tullamore has said the apparent clamping of a Garda patrol car was a prank carried out on Saturday, April 21.

They continued to say "the car was not clamped," explaining thatthe clamp was placed against the squad car in the photographs circulating online and was not actually fixed to the wheel.

The Offaly Express understands that the gardai involved were responding to a case of criminal damage on a car in the car park, which is operated by Park Rite, on Saturday when the 'prank' occurred. 

The Bridge Centre said "no malice was intended" through the mock clamping while the pictures online are now circulating, causing speculation about the incident. 

It's understood the clamp was removed quickl when gardai were leaving the area. 

The issue of the photographs is to be dealt with internally and it's believed those involved are apologetic for the misunderstanding.