Over half a million euro paid to Offaly County Councillors in 2017

The figure consists of monthly allowances, training expenses, conference expenses and representational payments

Damian Moran


Damian Moran



Over half a million euro paid to Offaly County Councillors in 2017

Over half a million euro paid to Offaly County Councillors in 2017

Offaly County Councillors received payments in excess of €500,000 in 2017 according to figures from Offaly County Council.

The local authority's Annual Report breaks down all the payments made to local representatives in 2017 across a number of headings. 

The Basic Representational Payment for each councillor in 2017 was €17,065.04 and the average Monthly Allowance was €4,883 but the total paid to each councillor is as follows. 

Eddie Fitzpatrick - €38,555.11
Noel Bourke - €33,822.61
Liam Quinn - €33,702.54
Peter Ormond - €33,254.59
Frank Moran - €29,181.66
John Clendennen - €28,807.65
Noel Cribbin - €28,029.88
Declan Harvey - €28,007.59
Tommy McKeigue - €25,917.07
John Carroll - €25,585.68
Eamon Dooley - €25,554.51
Danny Owens - €24,910.54
Dervill Dolan - €24,451.54
Brendan Killeavy - €23,390.08
Martin O’Reilly - €23,336.78
Sean Maher - €22,538.42
John Foley - €22,373.03
John Leahy - €22,077.10
Sinead Dooley - €16,095.66*
Tony McCormack - €6,334.43**

* From January 1, 2017 to August 31, 2017 - **From September 2017

Cllr Eddie Fitzpatrick received the largest payment and included in his figure is a €10,000 Chairperson's Allowance and €3,934.68 for Foreign Travel. Cllr Fitzpatrick also had the fifth highest total for Expenses, Conferences and Training at €2,880.85.

Cllr Danny Owens topped the list for Expenses, Conferences and Training at €3,459 followed by Cllr Peter Ormond at €3,389.19 and Cllr Noel Cribbin at €3,085.97. Cllr Noel Bourke was just below the €3,000 mark taking home €2,949.58.

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Along with Cllr Fitzpatrick, Cllr Liam Quinn also received the €10,000 Chairperson's Allowance while Cllrs Noel Bourke and John Clendennen each received the Vice Chairperson's allowance of €2,000.

Eight councillors, Noel Bourke, John Carroll, John Clendennen, Dervill Dolan, Declan Harvey, Tommy McKeigue, Frank Moran and Peter Ormond, each received the SPC Chairperson's Allowance of €3,000.

Seven councillors received payments under the Municipal District Chairperson's Allowance. They were Noel Bourke (€3,500); Noel Cribbin (€2,500); Sinead Dooley (€1,407.69); Eamon Dooley (€2,500); Declan Harvey (€1,310.89); Frank Moran (€2,500); Peter Ormond (€3,500)

Only four councillors, John Foley, John Leahy, Tony McCormack and Sean Maher attended had no additional payments outside of their Representational Payment and their Monthly Allowance.