TD says North Offaly "needs opportunities" at 1916 Easter Rising commemoration

The Easter ceremony continued despite the weather

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


TD says North Offaly "needs opportunities" at 1916 Easter Rising commemoration

L-R Alan Daly, Cllr Martin O Reilly, Ann Marie Ennis, Catriona Noone and Brian Stanley TD

Speaking over the Easter weekend at the Sinn Féin 1916 Commemoration in Edenderry Brian Stanley TD said the economic recovery in Ireland must be shared and that North Offaly "needs opportunities."

“Sinn Féin wants a shared recovery for ‘those who get up early in the morning’. Behind all the spin from Leo Varadkars ‘good news department’ about a republic of opportunity, what his government is really creating is a republic for opportunists," he added.

"Sinn Féin firmly believes that the recovery must be shared so as to benefit low and middle income families here in Offaly." Brian Stanley will likely be a candidate for the reformed Laois-Offaly constituency in the next General Election. 

"Workers in Edenderry, Daingean and Rhode need the opportunity to have jobs locally. In just over 10 years time peat production will stop in North Offaly. This requires whoever is in government over the next 5 years to get Bord Na Mona to develop a dynamic biomass and biogas industry and other renewable energy sources," Stanley added.

"I have brought forward proposals for a biogas industry and Sinn Fein in government will prioritise creating jobs in renewable energy here in the midlands."

"Low paid workers, to use the Taoiseach’s sound bite, ‘who get up early in the morning,’ are entitled to the opportunity to have a decent wage, job security and to be rid of zero hour contracts."

Stanley also tackled the government on the health sistuation. "The over 600,000 people on hospital waiting lists, some of whom have chronic illnesses need the opportunity to have medical treatment in a proper single tier health system. This means ending the totally dysfunctional system currently in place, where access is based on the size of your wallet and not your medical needs."

"Couples on modest incomes, trying to buy a home, need the opportunity to buy one and the affordable purchase scheme should be restarted to assist them. Rent controls are urgently needed in Offaly so that tenants in private rented housing can be free of sky rocketing rents. Those families on Offaly County Council's housing list need the opportunity to have a secure home, which means a real increase in the numbers of council houses been built," he continued.

Touching on cross-border relations post Brexit, Stanley said, "Citizens on both sides of the border need the opportunity to continue doing business with each other, without tariffs or customs checks or military checkpoints."

"The ability to move freely between the six and twenty six counties is a red line issue for Sinn Féin. A majority of citizens in the North voted to remain in the EU and that mandate cannot be ignored to suit the short term needs of the English Tories and their temporary allies in the DUP."

"Sinn Féin is not pretending all these matters can be solved by waving a magic wand. However they can be solved with political commitment," he concluded.


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