Offaly's Leahy slams Minister over 'missed deadlines'

The RENUA leader has had a lot to say

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Offaly's Leahy slams Minister over 'missed deadlines'

Offaly's Leahy slams Minister over 'missed deadlines'

RENUA Ireland Leader and Offaly County Councillor John Leahy has expressed disappointment and anger at what he calls the "endemic failure" of Finian McGrath; the Independent Alliance Junior Minister for Disability to live up to his promises to lead systemic key reforms within Ireland’s long neglected Disability Sector.

"Minister Finian McGrath may talk a good game on his commitment to disability issues. He certainly talks enough any-way.
But, whilst he talks a great deal, he is almost as short on action as his political boss Shane Ross in Transport," Leahy commented.

"This is evidenced by the minister’s failure to meet yet another self-proclaimed deadline; namely the promise to produce Individualised Budgets for people with a Disability by Christmas 2017," he added.

"Mr McGrath has already missed another self-proclaimed deadline on Ratification of the UN Charter for people with Disabilities.
There is no doubt that the minister is personally committed to disability issues. But, whilst, he had a lot of goodwill coming into this post, that is fast eroding as he increasingly appears to have become a prisoner of his officials and Service Providers," Leahy said. 

"Each missed deadline means, increasingly, it looks as though the Department rather than the Minister is calling the shots.
The last thing those with a Disability in Ireland need is yet another false prophet."

"Mr McGrath may be personally committed to the issue, but as a minister he now has powers on this issue and with power comes responsibility," Leahy claimed.

"The Minister for Disability is becoming the Minister for Missed Opportunities. He is going to have to up his game in the New Year or consider his position," he added.

"Like so many other voiceless groups in Ireland those with a disability have suffered from the politics of the placebo for too long. New politics should signal an end rather than a continuation of this policy," he concluded.

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