Christmas sheep kill by pack of dogs near Offaly border

Five sheep were killed in the Clonaslee area

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


Gardai are appealing to all dog owners to take effectual control of their dogs after five sheep were killed in the Clonaslee area.

Gardai say the sheep died having been chased and mauled by dogs.

Garda Crime Prevention officer Graham Kavanagh said dogs can present a danger to their owners, the public and to livestock

He said this danger may be manifested through inappropriate or inadequate management and control of dogs by their owners.

Responsible dog owners are advised  to ensure that their dog(s) are adequately managed and controlled to ensure that they do not present a danger to members of their family, the public, motorists, livestock and other animals.

This includes ensuring that dogs kept on private property do not pose a risk to people using public thoroughfares.

Effective fencing and gates are a start. Ensuring your dog is under control and cannot chase after cars, pedestrians is important.

Dog owners are also warned to ensure that they collect and remove their dogs’ faeces.