Leahy blasts the government for 'squandering' year in power

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



John Leahy

Offaly based councillor and RENUA leader, John Leahy has slammed the current administration as a "do nothing government" in recent comments.

"The non-performance of this accidental government means there is a more critical need than ever for a party pledged to a politics of reform and renewal," Leahy said.

Commenting on the first anniversary of the government taking office Mr Leahy said: "RENUA Ireland did not receive a mandate from the people in 2016. That does not mean that we are closed for business. We have spent the year listening and learning," he added.

"The performance of this absentee government has convinced us that a place exists for a party committed to radical reform in Irish politics. Nothing epitomises this more than the performance of the Shane Ross led Independent Alliance."

"When it comes to his Department, Mr Ross has been essentially absent since assuming office. A 19th century absentee land-lord would have more impact on Ireland and in particular rural Ireland than Mr Ross," Leahy said strongly. 

"In fairness to Mr Ross he is not unique. We have a Taoiseach who has been doing a lap of honour for three months. Our Justice Minister has outsourced the running of her Department to a series of Tribunals. It is hard to know these days if Ms Fitzgerald is adopting a hands-up or a hands-off policy," the Offaly man added.

"Our childcare minister has created imaginary rather than real childcare systems, whilst our Minister for Communications has decided to keep rural Ireland in the slow lane when it comes to rural broadband. Worst of all we have a housing minister who is incapable of providing working people with houses," Leahy continued 

"The real victims of this absentee government are small entrepreneurs, farmers and tax-paying citizens. They continue to live in a state which imposes Berlin style taxes and Boston style social services. When this government collapses under the burden of its endemic weightlessness, RENUA Ireland looks forwards to the prospect of providing the people with a real alternative to this whatever you do; do nothing government," he concluded. 

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