Tullamore Hospital patient's information sent to wrong person after data blunder

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



A data breach at Tullamore Hospital is among 212 cases revealed today, the Irish Independent have reported.

212 data protection breaches, where patient's private information was misused or mishandled, were recorded by the HSE last year, including a major blunder in Tullamore.

In the Offaly hospital's case, the office of the Data Protection Commissioner actually received information pertaining to a patient when those private details were faxed in error.

The information was in fact intended for the patient's GP, but ended up on the commissioner's desk by mistake. 

The reports today show numerous breaches of data protection around the country, including at Drogheda, where in one instance, wind scattered documents being carried by a staff member between buildings at the hospital, and two of those pages were never recovered.

Also at Drogheda, a handwritten note containing a patient's personal details was found in a waiting room.

The files also revealed that another breach saw a patient's file left on a car roof at a hospital carpark, where pages were later found strewn around the grounds. 

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