Offaly GAA ran surplus on day to day running costs in 2017

Income for the County Committee exceeded €1,000,000

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Offaly GAA recorded a surplus on its day to day running costs in 2017 according to the annual accounts. 

Total income for the Offaly County Committee for 2017 came in at €1,074,351 while total expenditure was €933,073. When the accounts for O'Connor Park and Faithful Fields were taken into account, the surplus for the year still stood at €110,196. 

On the income side, Gate Receipts were €316,726, an increase of just under €22,000 from 2016 to 2017. Commercial Income also increased to €178,639 while Income from Associated Bodies dropped by €7,000 to €434,551. Other Income increased to €144,435.

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The largest expenditure was on County Teams Administration Expenses which came in at €694,147, an increase of close to €70,000 from 2016.  €201,543 was spent on Sportsgear, Equipment, Gym and Laundry, €124,162 on Medical Expenses, €117,109 on catering, €129,533 on Players Travelling Expenses and €98,922 on Team Administration Expenses. A further €16,020 was spent on Buses and Accommodation.

Coaching and Games Development accounted for €118,871 of the expenditure figure while €88,301 went on Administration Expenses with €59,750 of that figure being made up of wages and PRSI. 

O'Connor Park saw a significant increase on rents for matches from €90,978 in 2016 to €145,348 in 2017.

While Gate Receipts for local matches increased year on year, receipts for Senior Football and Senior Hurling semi-finals and finals all dropped from 2016 to 2017.