Offaly County Championship rounds announced

THE round by round breakdown of the Senior and Intermediate Championships for the coming season in Offaly have been announced.

THE round by round breakdown of the Senior and Intermediate Championships for the coming season in Offaly have been announced.

Defending Senior Hurling Champions Coolderry will open their campaign against neighbours Kinnitty while football champions Rhode start against old rivals Tullamore.

Full Round by Round breakdown is as follows

Tullamore Court Hotel SFC Rounds

Round 1

Edenderry v Erin Rovers

Ferbane v Tubber

Rhode v Tullamore

St Rynaghs v Gracefield

Walsh Island v Ballycumber

Clara v Shamrocks

Round 2

Erin Rovers v Rhode

Tullamore v Ferbane

Tubber v Edenderry

Gracefield v Clara

Shamrocks v Walsh Island

Ballycumber v St Rynaghs

Round 3

Ferbane v Rhode

Tullamore v Edenderry

Tubber v Erin Rovers

Walsh Island v Clara

Shamrocks v St Rynaghs

Ballycumber v Gracefield

Round 4

Erin Rovers v Tullamore

Edenderry v Ferbane

Rhode v Tubber

Gracefield v Shamrocks

St Rynaghs v Walsh Island

Clara v Ballycumber

Round 5

Tullamore v Tubber

Ferbane v Erin Rovers

Rhode v Edenderry

Shamrocks v Ballycumber

Walsh Island v Gracefield

Clara v St Rynaghs

Tullamore Court Hotel IFC Rounds

Round 1

Bracknagh v Ballyfore

Rhode v Birr

Durrow v Shannonbridge

Clonmore Harps v Kilclonfert

Clonbullogue v Doon

St Brigids v Raheen

Round 2

Ballyfore v Durrow

Shannonbridge v Rhode

Birr v Bracknagh

Kilclonfert v St Brigids

Raheen v Clonbullogue

Doon v Clonmore Harps

Round 3

Rhode v Durrow

Shannonbridge v Bracknagh

Birr v Ballyfore

Clonbullogue v St Brigids

Raheen v Clonmore Harps

Doon v Kilclonfert

Round 4

Ballyfore v Shannonbridge

Bracknagh v Rhode

Durrow v Birr

Kilclonfert v Raheen

Clonmore Harps v Clonbullogue

St Brigids v Doon

Round 5

Shannonbridge v Birr

Rhode v Ballyfore

Durrow v Bracknagh

Raheen v Doon

Clonbullogue v Kilclonfert

St Brigids v Clonmore Harps


Round 1

Tullamore v Kilcormac/Killoughey

Lusmagh v Belmont

Seir Kieran v St Rynaghs

Coolderry v Kinnitty

Shinrone v Birr

Drumcullen v Shamrocks

Round 2

Belmont v Tullamore

Kilcormac/Killoughey v Seir Kieran

St Rynaghs v Lusmagh

Birr v Drumcullen

Kinnitty v Shinrone

Shamrocks v Coolderry

Round 3

Seir Kieran v Tullamore

Kilcormac/Killoughey v Lusmagh

St Rynaghs v Belmont

Birr v Shamrocks

Kinnitty v Drumcullen

Shinrone v Coolderry

Round 4

Belmont v Kilcormac/Killoughey

Lusmagh v Seir Kieran

Tullamore v St Rynaghs

Coolderry v Birr

Drumcullen v Shinrone

Shamrocks v Kinnitty

Round 5

Tullamore v Lusmagh

Seir Kieran v Belmont

Kilcormac/Killoughey v St Rynaghs

Coolderry v Drumcullen

Shinrone v Shamrocks

Kinnitty v Birr


Round 1

Brosna Gaels v Ballinamere

Clara v Coolderry

Ballyskenagh v Crinkle

Carraig/Riverstown v Killavilla

Birr v Killurin

St Rynaghs v Kilcormac Killoughey

Round 2

Coolderry v Ballyskenagh

Ballinamere v Clara

Crinkle v Brosna Gaels

Killavilla v St Rynaghs

Kilcormac Killoughey v Birr

Killurin v Carraig/Riverstown

Round 3

Coolderry v Crinkle

Ballinamere v Ballyskenagh

Clara v Brosna Gaels

Birr v St Rynaghs

Kilcormac Killoughey v Carraig/Riverstown

Killurin v Killavilla

Round 4

Brosna Gaels v Coolderry

Ballyskenagh v Clara

Crinkle v Ballinamere


Killavilla v Kilcormac Killoughey

St Rynaghs v Killurin

Round 5

Brosna Gaels v Ballyskenagh

Clara v Crinkle

Ballinamere v Coolderry

Kilcormac Killoughey v Killurin

Birr v Killavilla

St Rynaghs v Carraig/Riverstown