‘Club Faithful’ aiming to awaken Offaly supporters

The Offaly Supporters Club is to relaunch on Thursday, December 6 in a bid to reignite the proud and famed Offaly spirit.

The Offaly Supporters Club is to relaunch on Thursday, December 6 in a bid to reignite the proud and famed Offaly spirit.

Tough times on the field of play in recent years has seen somewhat of a drop in support for Offaly teams and the relaunch night is only the start of a reinventing project planned by ‘Club Faithful’, the new name of the Offaly Supporters Club.

There will be two launches on Thursday, December 6 with the County Arms in Birr holding the opening launch at 7pm before moving on to the Tullamore COffalyt Hotel for 9pm. The idea behind this is to make it as accessible as possible to as many Offaly Gaels from all corners of the County.

The main aim of the club is to revive the faithful Offaly supporters, getting them to come in numbers to the games starting with the O’Byrne and Walsh Cup games and to integrate the players into the community.

In harsh economic times, Offaly County teams will need all the help they can get to make sure they are prepared in the best possible way and ‘Club Faithful’ will be aiming to support them in any way they can.

A structure has been put in place for fundraisers and various other initiatives with Ollie Baker, Emmet McDonnell and the players themselves fully committed to integrating into the supporters community. Full details of all initiatives will be announced on at the launches. Projects for the children in the County are also high on the agenda such as a GAA Jersey day in National schools, collector cards of Offaly players for the children to collect and swap along with player interactions on match days.

The players from both the senior hurling and football panels will also take part in an ‘Awakening Walk’ on New Years Eve (Monday 31st December) in a bid to highlight the reinvention of the club and to make people aware that they value every shred of support that all Offaly Gales give them throughout the year.

The Hurlers will commence walking in Shannon Harbour with the footballers starting out in Edenderry and both will make their way to Tullamore along the banks of the Grand Canal where they will eventually meet. Supporters will also be encouraged to join them in the last mile to show them some support.

The Club will be run by supporters, for the supporters. A Forum for Faithful supporters to meet before and after matches and to chat players after the matches will also be put in place while it is hoped that car pooling and in some cases buses can be organised to go to games in a bid get some comradery and a sense of atmosphere instilled into the club as well as making it as cost effective as possible to attend matches home and away.

Specific ‘Club Faithful’ merchandise will also come on stream to buy down the line. Social media outlets will also be up and running soon and an e-mail alert list to keep members informed on what’s going on.

The committee are undertaking this task on a voluntary basis to bring some excitement back in to been an Offaly supporter. Together we can make a difference and help the facets of Offaly teams, schools and underage development.

The price of membership will be a mere €20 and for Offaly Gaels both at home and abroad, this will represent a worthwhile and much appreciated donation to a club dedicated and passionate about reviving an Offaly spirit that has seen us dawn the pitch of Croke Park in protest, to travelling the length and breath of the Country following Offaly County.

Finally, we would urge as many people as possible to attend the launches and to see for themselves what the plans are for the future. Your County needs you.