Missing knitted Tayto packet returned with brilliant note






Missing knitted Tayto packet returned with brilliant note

Mr Tayto has been returned. Picture: Annie Morris via Twitter

After a huge social media appeal, the case of the missing knitted Mr Tayto packet has come to happy conclusion.

Kildare Yarn Bombers made a plea yesterday for the return of the quirky piece depicting Ireland's favourite crisps, which formed part of their Yarn Bombing display at the Liffey Linear Park in Newbridge as part of the month-long Junefest.

The knitted crisp packet was stolen last week... or so it was thought.

Mr Tayto turned up in the park again today, Saturday, June 22 - and it seems he'd been out carousing around Newbridge's pubs like a good snack packet.

A note affixed to the knit read: "Dear Yarn Bombers, I'm sorry for takin' your Tayto. We met up, chatted in a bar, and woke up next to each other and I gave him a ride home".

No word on whether the note was written by the other traditional part of an Irish hangover cure, the bottle of Lucozade...