25 things you'll hear Irish people say during the hot weather

'You're after getting a great colour'

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Things to say to help you through the heatwave

It's cruel warm

With 20+ degree weather on the way, it's fair to say the soaring temperatures are going to be a shock to our poor Irish systems. It's just over a month since we had several feet of snow.....

Here is a list of phrases you'll hear from Irish people across the country during the warm spell...

- Ah lads, I'm like a dead dog

- There's great drying out

- God I tell ya, I'm sweating like a bullock

- I'm not able for this heat at all

- We may get the turf turned before it breaks

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- It's cruel warm

- I can't sleep in this weather - I'm glued to the mattress

- A woman fainted in mass with the heat

- A drop of rain would do no harm

- You'd nearly want to be showering every day in this heat

- They're giving it fine for the week

-  I hear it's to break at the weekend

- Go down to the shop there and get a block of ice cream. And don't forget the feckin wafers this time

- Jazus you're after getting scalded

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- I don't need suncream, I'm naturally sallow

- Tea is the only thing for this heat

- I always burn first, then I go brown

- Jaze you're after getting a great colour

- You can't please some people, sure you'd be giving out if it was raining

- Sure why would you want to go on holiday when the sun's shining here?

- I think he has a touch of sunstroke, give him a drop of 7 Up, he'll be grand in a minute

- We could do with a bit of a breeze

- It's nearly too hot

- Put on a hat!

- That's the summer gone now