Opportunistic Offaly person is selling a set of skis on DoneDeal

They are thinking ahead for the cold weather

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly



Opportunistic Offaly person is selling skis on DoneDeal

Opportunistic Offaly person is selling skis on DoneDeal

While queues form in the 53DegreesNorth store in Dublin to buy sleds and toboggans, one Offaly person is taking full advantage of the impending cold weather front by selling off their skis on DoneDeal.

The Beast from the East is expected to arrive in Ireland on Tuesday evening, bringing heavy snow showers, while the worst of the weather will hit on Thursday and Friday. 

We will never again doubt the business nous of Offaly people after a pair of skis landed on DoneDeal on Tuesday morning, and with a €4,000 price tag no less. 

The ad reads: "One set of skis for sale in Offaly. Only used twice. Once in 1982 and then in 2012."

The person is clearly seeing the funny side of things, and took the opportunity to have a bit of a laugh, stating, "we've lost the poles but sure you might have crutches or something knocking around."

"They'll get you around for a couple of days and then you can hang them on the wall and pretend you went on a ski holiday for the rest of the year."

We like their style, and also, we may well need these skis come Friday morning.

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