Culchies still outnumber townies in Offaly

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


10 differences between townies and culchies we all know to be true

Official Census 2016 figures reveal that people living in rural areas of Offaly outnumber those in urban settings. Of a total population of 77,961 in Offaly in April 2016, 43% (33,421 people) lived in urban areas, with 57% (44,540 persons) living in rural areas.

So six in every ten people in the county are officially culchies.

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Nationally, 62.7% lived in urban areas and 37.3% in rural areas.

Elsewhere, the figures revealed that Banagher is the fastest growing town in Offaly. It experienced a 6.5% population growth between 2011 and 2016.

Tullamore, with 14,607 resident remains the largest town in the county, while nationally Drogheda held its place as the most populated town with 40,956 people living in the Co. Louth town.

We are also a county on the move apparently - Of the 3,397 usual Offaly residents who moved up to April 2016 since the last Census, most (2,312) moved elsewhere within the county. Only 251 of the 1,309 who moved in the year preceding the census bought their new home with a mortgage or loan, while 858 rented their accommodation. Nationally, 263,551 usual residents moved in the year to April 2016.

The next report from the CSO is expected in the coming months.