Free Type 2 Diabetes course coming in Birr

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Free Type 2 Diabetes course coming in Birr

Diabetes Ireland provide education on the condition right in the heart of the community and on Tuesday April 4, a session takes place in Birr.

The organisers would like people who are struggling to manage their Type 2 diabetes to attend the diabetes CODE course.

The course starts in Birr on Tuesday, April 4 and runs for four weeks. It is being held in Cthe onference Room, St Brendan’s Church

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Lifestyle factors and excess weight are strongly linked with the rise of Type 2 diabetes globally but you can also be slim, fit and develop Type 2 diabetes.

As more and more people are being diagnosed, HSE services are being simply overwhelmed and are struggling to cope with the number of patients seeking diabetes treatment.

 Diabetes is a 24/7 condition. With practical education and understanding of the condition, people can find it easier to manage and experience less complications such as limb-loss, blindness, stroke and heart disease. With so much fake news and fad diets promising diabetes 'cures' on social media it is vital to get safe health messages out to our communities. 

CODE is a 4 week education course for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Prediabetes is where a GP will tell a patient post a blood glucose screen, that if they do not change their lifestyle and diet they are likely to develop Type 2 and they send them away to make these changes and later return for tests.

There is no insight into these numbers but they could be in the  thousands.

Senior Dietitian with Diabetes Ireland, Pauline Dunne commented, "People with Type 2 Diabetes can sometimes be hesitant in seeking help, due to the blame culture that suggests they ‘brought’ this condition on themselves from their lifestyle choices. At Diabetes Ireland, we encourage a supportive culture and find it more effective in helping people make lifestyle changes."

The course runs for three consecutive weeks for two hours per week and attendees set their own goals. After six months there is a review session.

Pauline added, "After people have attended the course, their self-management of the condition is greatly improved, they feel more in control and motivated. Many attendees become motivated to lose significant weight and find at their next medical review that their medication is reduced. All attendees openly discuss their condition with their peers and this helps acceptance of the condition."

The course covers: diabetes knowledge; understanding glucose numbers; healthy eating  tips  for those with  Type 2 diabetes; portion sizes especially of carbohydrates, medication side-effects; best times  to test; understanding the effects of alcohol and physical activity and more.

There is no cost involved in attending this course. Group numbers are ideally 16 and the environment is friendly and relaxed encouraging friendships and all types of questions. Early booking is essential.

The course starts in Birr on Tuesday, April 4 and runs for four weeks.

Pre-booking is essential. Telephone Regina on (071) 914 6001