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Dr Eddie Murphy


Dr Eddie Murphy

Operation Transformation Series 7Presenter Kathryn Thomas with the six leaders Left to right - Siobhan McKillen (red dress) Jennifer Bonus (blue blazer) Marc Gibbs (check shirt), Sarah Campbell, Deirdre O' Donovan (blue dress) and Paudie O' Mahoney (striped shirt)
Operation Transformation has hit the ground running. Over 1 million have seen the program after week one. What an incredible number. The reality is really hitting home.

Operation Transformation has hit the ground running. Over 1 million have seen the program after week one. What an incredible number. The reality is really hitting home.

The initial highs will be subsiding and the reality and enormity of the task is at hand.

In general leaders exceed their targets in the first week. If you had a camera person following you six days a week, this too would happen.


Lifestyle Change

The key to Operation Transformation is that it’s a lifestyle change not a quick fix. Sustainable change happens when you are Organised & Prepared.

Planning is a key part to this particularly if you have lots of roles – mum, dad, worker, parent, learner and struggling with work / life balance.

Top tips including triggering using reminders on your phone, ensuring all your shopping is in the house and cooking ahead.

Operation Transformation Leaders’ progress..



Jennifer kicked the cigarette habit a super addictive drug, cooked for the first time in the kitchen, started exercising particularly with a toxic cardiac history. That’s called a lifestyle change.



Marc a shift worker, has an extremely long day with a 2 hr commute to work a 12 hour shift and a 2 hr commute home on top of this he really struggled with the first week.

He found that he was exhausted. I am not surprised we are asking people to make fundamental changes. This is tiring. His perseverance helped him through.



For Deirdre from Cork learning about the variety of vegetables and cooking and acting as a role model for her children were some of the challenges faced.

So when you are preparing food watch how are you with vegetables!

OT dietician Aoife Hearne talks about half the plate vegetable, a quarter meat/fish and a quarter carbs.



We all have different areas that we can learn, strengthen and build upon. What are your areas for development?

For Siobhan tackling her home drinking was her learning point. Siobhan’s home drinking was hurting her weight and her health,

She has taken a moderation approach to manage this. Siobhan shows us the challenges and struggles in balancing home and work life.



Paudie needed to relearn what an appropriate portion size is. A weighing scale is a great tool to ensure correct portions sizes.



Finally for Sarah, she has shown the struggles associated with giving up smoking.

Also she consumed huge amounts of sugar in fizzy drinks and juices. These are hidden calories.


Making the change

Quick fixes don’t work. So key messages from this week’s operation transformation are to make your change sustainable top tips include - Planning, Structure, Organisation, Routine, Perseverance & Resilience.

Remember little choices bring you closer to your long term goal.


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