Feed you mind with psychological vitamins

Vitamin Commitment, Vitamin Time, Vitamin Awareness, Vitamin Pleasure, Vitamin Determination,

Vitamin Commitment, Vitamin Time, Vitamin Awareness, Vitamin Pleasure, Vitamin Determination,

Psychological Vitamins, what a strange concept!

So for the first time in my professional career I am going to prescribe! Take the following psychological vitamins on your healthier journey.

Vitamin Commitment

This is about is about making a personal commitment to yourself for a healthier future. Write down specifically what this healthier journey means to you and your loved ones. Sign the bottom of this. In effect you have written a contract to yourself and your loved ones.

Vitamin Time.

Take Vitamin Time when you eat, slow down! Most people eat too fast. A major learning point when I did my MBA was “What gets measured, gets done”. So become a scientist and log how long it takes to eat your meals.

Then increase this time. So if you take five minutes to eat breakfast, increase it to 10 minutes, if it takes 15 minutes to eat lunch, increase it to 25 minutes etc. Put sown your fork or spoon between mouthfuls.

Vitamin Awareness

This is about being present that is bringing your attention to what you are doing at any given time. Too often we eat in a mindless way in front of the telly, in front of our computers etc.

When we are unaware and mindless we are disconnected from the healthy messages our body gives us “You are full”.

Missing these messages leads to overeating. By taking Vitamin Awareness you are aware of your food, its smell, its temperature, the colours, enjoy being aware. Vitamin Pleasure.

Healthier lifestyles for life require Pleasure. Deprivation diets are unsustainable it’s inevitable that in time we will act like a rebellious child.

Too often food is singularly identified a pleasurable.

List the pleasures in all aspects of your life – people, Emo, Dingle, Music, movies, studying, singing, walking, swimming, dancing, gardening, talking, pets etc.

Are you getting enough pleasure in your life? Now take Vitamin Pleasure go on a pleasure diet. Enjoy these activities and when it comes to food don’t eat anything that drains you pleasure.

Vitamin Determination

This is about keeping going even when times get though. Read your letter from your future self.

Remind yourself that this is a new pathway in life not a sprint race. If you slip, it’s OK, refocus do one simple step to put you back on your pathway.

Vitamins Future & Hope.

Vitamins F&H are powerful energisers in our journey towards health and well-being. Vitamins Hope and Future act as powerful magnets that pull us towards our healthier lifestyle.

Foster hope, imagine yourself in the future while you work rest and play.Imagine your energy levels and the quality of your relationships.


Seize the feeling that goes with this imagining. Use this feeling to help you through those times of struggle.

Portarlington man Dr Eddie Murphy is the expert psychologist on RTE’s Operation Transformation. In the second of his six week series of columns for the Offaly Express he looks at the mind