Audi A3 is World Car of Year

The Audi A3, the premium compact bestseller from the brand with the four rings, is the 2014 World Car of the Year.

The Audi A3, the premium compact bestseller from the brand with the four rings, is the 2014 World Car of the Year.

This is the second overall title for Audi in the ten year history of the World Car of the Year Awards as the Audi A6 won the inaugural overall title in 2005.

The third generation of the Audi A3 is now officially confirmed as a world beater.

It overcame the challenge from 23 other cars to win the prestigious World Car of the Year title in 2014.

The A3 was voted as the winner by an international jury panel comprising 69 top-level automotive journalists from 22 countries around the world.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, said: “The Audi A6* was the first ever winner of this award and we are delighted that the Audi A3 has repeated that achievement by being voted 2014 World Car of the Year.

The Audi A3 showcases Audi’s technical competence in all aspects of car making, not least in the areas of lightweight technology, drivetrain, mobile infotainment and driver assistance systems.

This major award win is an achievement that the whole company can celebrate”.

The new Audi A3 is available as a 3 door, Sportback, Cabriolet and Sedan.

It is powered by a range of TFSI gasoline and TDI diesel engines.

The A3 Sportback can also be ordered as a g-tron, which can be operated using e-gas generated by Audi, natural gas, or gasoline – when powered by e-gas, the A3 Sportback g-tron travels CO2-neutral.

Later this year, the A3 Sportback will also be available as an e-tron, whose plug-in hybrid drive enables journeys of up to 50 kilometres in all-electric mode.

Audi is offering customers in Germany green electricity – Audi energy.

The cooperating partner is the Hamburg energy provider LichtBlick E.

The power all comes from renewable energy sources and is generated exclusively at hydro-electric power stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With Audi energy, the A3 e-tron is totally emission-free when operated electrically.

Audi can look back on a 16-year success story with the A3.

In 1996, the first generation of the model series established an entirely new market segment – the premium compact class.

With the second generation, which followed in 2003, the brand extended its lead with the addition of a Cabriolet to the familiar 3 door and Sportback body styles.

The third A3 generation is available in four body styles following the further addition of the Sedan.

With this win for the Audi A3, Audi has maintained its position as the manufacturer with the most World Car of the Year titles.

The brand with the four rings has previously won three World Performance Car titles, two World Car Design of the Year titles and the inaugural World Car of the Year title. In total Audi has won seven titles at the World Car of the Year Awards.

The Audi Group delivered around 1,575,500 cars of the Audi brand to customers in 2013.

In 2013 the Company achieved revenue of €49.9 billion and an operating profit of €5.03 billion.