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FIAT 500
It is hard to believe the “new” Fiat 500 was launched five years ago!

It is hard to believe the “new” Fiat 500 was launched five years ago!

Straight from the start when it was launched back in 2008 it caused a real stir, winning

the coveted title of European Car Of The Year 2008.

Now the model line up which includes a cabriolet version has a rather unique version called the Gucci.

Basically Fiat and the iconic design house Gucci have teamed up to create a very unique car with real Gucci leather and a host of nice detail design touches.

The result is a very stylish little trend setter.

Neat, cute, funky, stylish, are all words that sum up the Fiat 500 by Gucci. It really is a very attractive small car.

My test car was finished in a pearlescent Black with green and red Gucci side stripes, chrome Gucci badging and exclusive 16 inch black alloys, the whole effect looked great.

Inside the retro theme continues with a fabulous cabin again with echoes of the original

Fiat 500 with a modern Gucci inspired twist. The round single instrument manages to look like the original 500 of the 1960’s but cleverly incorporates the rev counter fuel gauge and water temperature gauge.

The car is fully upholstered in soft two tone (incorporating the Gucci green and red) Frau Gucci leather. It looks, smells and feels truly luxurious.

Loads of goodies and safety features are standard across the range and include items such as ABS, seven airbags, a five star NCAP safety rating, electric windows and mirrors, MP3-compatible CD player and electric power steering.

The 500 by Gucci adds standard 16 inch alloys, chrome door mirrors, door handles and boot lid trim, Blue and Me, fully automatic climate control, Aux ports, a leather multifunction sports steering wheel, leather gear knob, Hill start assist, auto stop/start, and Sports suspension.

I must say it all gels together very well to create a unique and very stylish package.

On the practical front it really is a two plus two and has a small boot large enough to take one standard size holiday suitcase. The rear seats though are for the kids really.

There is a choice of petrol or diesels in the Fiat 500 range but the 500 by Gucci is powered by the amazing little 1.2 litre turbocharged two cylinder (yes its not a miss print), Twin Air which pumps out a healthy 85 bhp. Mated to a 5 speed manual its a little

flyer while also being the worlds cleanest mass produced petrol engine!

Emissions are just 95g/km so its in the cheapest tax bracket and on average over my test it burned just 5.2 litres of petrol per 100km.

It handles like a little Go Kart. With a wheel at every corner it really is fun to hustle along a twisty road. The unique sound of the two cylinder Twin Air combined with the sporty handling make it a truly fun car to drive. It will whisk up to the legal limit and beyond with ease yet is compact and perfectly proportioned for the city.

I really enjoyed the Fiat 500 by Gucci. It turned many heads, and deservedly so.

It is a very nice package indeed, but there is a catch! You can buy a Fiat 500 Twin Air for €14,545. Ok its the base model Pop, but the Fiat 500 Twin Air by Gucci costs €21,095 and to be fair that is just too much of a difference even if it is branded Gucci and has all those natty Gucci design touches.