Volkswagen Scirocco is a real head turner

You will need a pretty long memory to remember the original of the species here as the original Scirocco was around over 23 years ago.

You will need a pretty long memory to remember the original of the species here as the original Scirocco was around over 23 years ago.

That said VW had a sports coupe that though it did not carry the Scirocco name was in my mind the spiritual predecessor to the current car but was called the Corrado.

Indeed I myself put my money where my mouth is so to speak and owned a Corrado G60 from new for over 4 years and absolutely adored the car.

The VW Scirocco is available in three engine options, with either 1.4 litre TSI 122bhp, or a 2.0 litre 140 bhp TDI diesel manual or a 2.0 140 bhp TDI DSG.

With prices starting at just €27,895 it is an affordable sports coupe.

This week’s test car is the 1.4 TSI

Without doubt this car is a real head turner. With sweeping lines a broad shoulder line and curvaceous rear end I could be describing a super model! But hey this car really is a supermodel!!

The new Scirocco is indeed a very attractive motorcar and though its platform may be based on the current new VW Golf it manages to look dramatically different and is in that sense all the better for that.

The Scirocco shares many of its components with the normal Golf GTI.

The cabin uses pretty much the same dash as the standard Golf GTI but numerous details such as the figure hugging sports seats, sports dials and and trim details make the interior of the new Scirocco feel special.

I love the individually moulded rear seats which make this car a pure four seater but no more!

The build quality is simply first class and each switch and lever moves with a well engineered precision. The driving position is excellent, you really feel part of the car, sitting in those very supportive seats. Standard equipment is also very good and includes a host of safety features, with multiple airbags, ABS ESP, EDL, ASR, TRC, and more as well the usual electric goodies we have come to expect in a car of this class.

The 1.4 TSI petrol produces 122bhp which in a car of this weight is a modest but adequate output.

Overall performance is quite good but you will miss the mid range punch that the more powerful diesel offers.

The upside is that it is very economical burning just 5.8 litres of fuel per 100km over my road test and of course annual road tax is not too bad due to the low emissions at €280.00.

Well they have got this car just about perfect. The ride and handling combination is just about ideal. The suspension set-up manages to endow the Scirocco with dynamic and agile handling while also giving a very comfortable level of ride comfort. Unlike many sports type cars which seem to have a bone jarring ride in order to have a rigid enough suspension to get good handling the new Scirocco blends both perfectly.

Point the Scirocco at a corner and it will track your chosen line with unerring accuracy. In short this car is really rewarding to drive.

The VW Scirocco is one of the most interesting and involving cars I have driven of late. The 1.4 TSI is not a performance version, but for those who want the gorgeous style of the Scirocco, and the attributes of a VW for €27,895 this is a lovely coupe.