Renault Trafic and Master

Since 1998, Renault has stood out as the undisputed number one van manufacturer both in France and Europe.

Since 1998, Renault has stood out as the undisputed number one van manufacturer both in France and Europe.

To consolidate this position, which saw it take a market share of 14.6 per cent last year, Renault has now renewed its entire LCV line-up with the introduction of All-New Trafic and New Master joining New Kangoo. Renault’s LCV range is the only van range in Ireland with a confidence -boosting 5-year unlimited mileage warranty.

Production of All-New Trafic, Renault’s medium sized van has been brought back from Nissan’s plant in Spain to Renault’s Sandouville factory in France. Meanwhile, New Master and Kangoo will continue to be manufactured in Batilly and Maubeuge respectively, which means that all Renault’s LCVs are now made in France.

Pricing has just been announced by Renault Ireland, with All-New Trafic starting from €21,995 and New Master from €24,300 (see full price list attached).

As the market leader in France, Trafic II is about to round off its career in brilliant fashion since it was still the third best-selling LCV in Europe as recently as April 2014. To defend its status, All-New Trafic combines the strengths of its predecessor with a series of key improvements. In addition to its new, robust and dynamic design which features the Renault brand’s new styling cues, All-New Trafic is even bigger, making it more comfortable and practical than ever. The front and rear overhangs have been extended by 10cm and 11cm respectively, while maximum load lengths of 3.75m and 4.15m for the L1 and L2 versions respectively establish a new benchmark for the market. At the same time, the bulkhead has been located 3cm further back in order to enhance comfort

inside the extensively revised cabin.

Designed to serve as a mobile office, its cabin features a raft of bespoke equipment, including smartphone and tablet cradles, laptop computer storage, and a removable A4-size clipboard to simplify the lives of business customers. All-New Trafic is powered by the R9M engine which is available with either a single turbo (90 and 115hp variants) or twin turbos (120 and 140hp variants), the twin turbo ENERGY variants are fitted with Stop & Start and regenerative braking as standard.

All-New Trafic combines performance with fuel efficiency and achieves 5.9 l/100km (47.9mpg combined)* with the ENERGY dCi 120 engine under the bonnet. This represents an improvement of 10mpg versus the previous best-selling dCi 115 .

Master, Renault’s large van which is manufactured in Batilly, France, also ranks highly in its segment.

In addition to being the top seller in France, Algeria and Morocco, it enjoyed an 11.9 per cent share of the European market (fourth position) and a 13.4 per cent share in the Euromed-Africa region (second). The model’s renewal in 2014 seeks to reinforce its popularity and ensure that it continues to meet the needs of its customers.

To help achieve that goal, its engine range features Twin Turbo technology which combines extra horsepower (up to 165hp) with lower fuel consumption (for a saving of 1.5 litres/100km*). New Master’s travelling comfort and safety credentials have been boosted, too, with the fitment of latest-generation ESC.