Opel Insignia gets top marks

Opel recently face lifted the Insignia but judging by the amount of changes they might as well have made a new car.

Opel recently face lifted the Insignia but judging by the amount of changes they might as well have made a new car.

There’s lots more sparkles on the outside which gives it a lift but also makes it much more aggressive looking, my test car has 20” wheels which are gorgeous but I’d imagine very pricey because on the price list it just says “TBA” to be announced and that means the calculator is having trouble with the amount of zeros.

That said, I’d be happy with the 17” stock ones anyway.

The interior is in a different league than the outgoing one, firstly there isn’t so many buttons thanks to a touch screen that’s fairly handy to navigate and Opel have kept the heating controls on their own little touch screens along with optional seat heaters for when you want your bum toasted on a cold morning.

There’s lots of room in the cabin, there’s also lots of places to put things with centre arm rest that’s not only big but has 2 USB ports.

It’s a shame Opel missed out putting a little carpet into the door card pockets, it’s stops things rattling around on rough roads.

As you’d expect the boot is large, 500ltrs in saloon but Opel still haven’t fixed the little step that’s created by the suspension system.

The stick up like two little ramps in the boot which stops you loading in something flat, it’s a small thing but it’ll be frustrating for someone who carries a lot of boxes like a sales rep and that’s who the car is aimed at.

Still, if you’re a retail buyer you should discount this kind of car.

You do get a lot for your money when thinking about the saloon shape.

There’s no doubt that the Insignia is very handsome, there’s lots of lines and curves and the subtle changes are very welcome.

The drive in the Insignia is smooth to say the least, I’m talking Barry White smooth here.

On a motorway you just won’t notice the miles passing by as the car just gets on with getting you where you need to go in both comfort and refinement.

I also had adaptive cruise control fitted and that makes long distance driving a joy because it does everything except steering.

It applies the brakes when there’s a car in front going slower than you and when you pull out it accelerates back up to your desired speed; it’s effortless.

The Insignia has grown up and there’s something in the price list for most pockets, starting at €26,295 for the petrol and €28,295 for the 2.0ltr diesel.

There’s also Opel Choices which means you pay a deposit, make the monthly payments and pay the final balloon payment at the end and the car is yours.

You could also not bother to pay the final instalment and just hand the car back with no payment to make or trade it in on another one, I like simple things and this finance package is just that; simple.

So get down the local Opel dealer and have a spin in the overhauled and grown up Insignia because it has a lot to offer and with the finance package it’s good, ya.

** The Insignia debuted at the 2008 British International Motor Show in London on 23 July as the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia. The Insignia is the first production car to be based on the Epsilon II platform, which was also used on other models such as the 2010 Saab 9-5.