Renault simplifies car range for 2011

Renault is 'simplifying' complex decision-making, by streamlining its range for prospective car buyers.

Renault is 'simplifying' complex decision-making, by streamlining its range for prospective car buyers.

The forward-thinking action, launched under the project, 'Simplification', will ensure that, from January 2011, Renault customers will be able to understand its product line-up more readily, enabling them to select the car which best fits their needs quicker.

This unusual step is in response to today's needs from retail and business customers for value-for-money, simplicity, the standardisation of key equipment and the wider availability of new technologies. As a result, core trim levels will be reduced to a maximum of three per model, excluding Renaultsport.

In total, the number of versions across the Renault car range falls from 227 to 159. The three trim levels available, depending on model, will be Expression, Dynamique TomTom and GT Line TomTom. Limited editions will continue to be offered for peak sales periods and Gordini versions continue to be available as limited editions.

As an example, the best-selling Clio range currently features six core trim levels, depending on body style. The line-up from January will see a reduced model line-up of entry-level Expression, mid-range Dynamique TomTom and top-of-the-range GT Line TomTom, available across its three body styles of three and five-door hatchback and Sport Tourer.

The three trim levels will each offer something different to customers. Expression becomes the stylish, value-for-money option.

Moving up the range, Dynamique TomTom places the emphasis on impressive equipment specification (naturally including fully-integrated satellite navigation) and a sportier, image conscious appeal. GT Line TomTom tops the bill, with even greater sportiness and class-leading equipment and looks.