How to avoid those wedding gown woes

When buying your dream gown there are a few things to remember.

When buying your dream gown there are a few things to remember.

Number one, don’t take too many people with you when trying on wedding dresses. One trusted friend, or your mum is enough. This should be your decision, not everyone else’s!

Number two, try on lots of different styles. Almost all wedding dresses will look completely different on you compared with the hanger.

And finally, buy your dress first before anything else. The style and embellishments will determine how many accessories you’ll need, what your lingerie should be like and so on.

Here are some tips to bear in mind when searching for your dream wedding gown:

Search and stop!

The road to finding your perfect wedding dress is a long one but once you find perfection STOP right there – don’t keep looking. Pay the deposit and then let it go until it’s time for your fittings.

First things first

Don’t buy your big day accessories before the dress – it’s easier to match the shoes and jewellery to the dress than the other way round.

Watch the heel height

On the subject of shoes, keep your venue in mind. If you want to have photos on the beautiful lawns, avoid four-inch heels, because they will simply sink and you could ruin that perfect pair!

Gather support

Good underwear will give you a gorgeous silhouette under your dress. Take the time to get fitted properly and splash out for best results.

Stick to tradition

You will need something old, new, borrowed and blue… Try to incorporate this into your overall outfit, with perhaps a bracelet from mum, a blue garter or an antique brooch.

Try different positions!

When choosing the perfect outfit, make sure you can stand, sit, walk, and move around in it within the shop so that you know it will be comfortable on the day, all day.

Going to the loo

On this note, make sure you can go to the loo in your dress, preferably without having to get undressed each time! One top tip – instead of sitting on the toilet like normal, sit on it the opposite way round. This will particularly help if you have a dress with a hooped skirt.

Take advice

Don’t take every man and his dog with you on your first dress appointment. Take someone who will be completely honest… A trusted friend or your mum is the best bet – anyone who will give you an honest opinion.

Keep your options open

Veils are not a necessity. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing one, there are plenty of other options for bridal hair accessories. Why not consider wearing a floral crown, a fascinator or a pretty hair clip instead?