What to do when a pipe bursts

Having the Knowledge on What to do if a Pipe Bursts.

Having the Knowledge on What to do if a Pipe Bursts.

Having a pipe burst within your home or property can create water damage of catastrophic proportions, let alone damage your home, décor and its belongings. As soon as you are aware of a burst pipe within your home you should class this as an emergency and take note and follow the steps below to prevent as little damage happening as possible.


Stopping the mains water

Shutting off the mains water within your property is done by turning off the stopcock within the building. Making sure that everyone who lives or stays within the property knows where it is situated, how to turn it off in case there are further cases of burst pipes.

After the main stopcock has been shut off therefore shutting off the water, let the pipe drain out the water by turning on all of the cold taps within the property, if you also switch off your heating system and then turn on all the hot taps this will aid draining the water supply system.

In addition to this you should flush all of the toilets within the property.

Once this has been carried out and completed all leaks should stop once there is no more water running from the taps.

Find the problem area

You must then immediately find the burst pipe within the property to prevent any further damage, when you find the burst you’ll then know what you have to do next.

For example if it’s a tiny little nick within or on the pipe, sealing it will more than likely prevent any further problems for a while.

You may also want to take in to consideration which pipe has actually burst because if the damage is in a main water pipe it will need to be tended to and repaired very carefully regardless of the size of the break.

If the leak does not go away or subside and consequently carries on for sometimes then you must take when moving through your household/property, if the ceilings within the rooms look as if they are bulging it means they are holding a considerable amount of water and may collapse at any minute.

However if you spotted the leaking fairly quickly then you can simply place a bucket underneath to catch the excess water.


Call a professional

If the above has happened and you have flooding or water damage within your home then you need to call a professional water damage restoration company to remove the water from your home and subsequently have it dried out properly.

As a note you must remember to turn off the main electrical supply immediately and of course do not touch anything electrical if it’s wet.

To keep absolute piece of mind it is best to call a reliable plumber to fix any burst pipes within your property and of course an electrician will be able to repair any wires that may have been damaged due to the flooding and escape of water.

It doesn’t always go to well when attempting to do the repairs yourself so it’s best to call a professional.


Call your Insurance Company

When a burst pipe happens within your property you need to call you insurance company as soon as feasibly possible so you can submit an insurance claim on your homeowners insurance.

Your insurance company or representative should then let you know of the steps you should take for your policy.

There is normally a representative who will visit your house to assess the damage that has been done.

In addition to this it is very important you keep record of the damage that has happened however big or small, take some photos or some video footage so that you have this data to show to your insurance company.


How to Prevent it Happening Again

To work towards preventing something such as a burst pipe to happen again it is a simple as the following; Just take the time out to learn about it, including the signs and what to look out for and you’ll find out that certain things out there are specifically made and manufactured to prevent water damage from burst pipes, they are also far cheaper than having to have professional’s come to replace, fix and restore the damage.

A little bit about Autostopcock…It prevents and stops water leaks and is the original electric stopcock.


Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, business operator or have a holiday home, flooding due to a burst pipe or failed fitting can turn your situation into a nightmare.

Over 24 tones’ of water escapes per day if you have a burst pipe

Over £2 billion of damage is caused each year due to escape of water

Burst pipes or failed fittings can happen at any time

Increasing numbers of insurance policies do not cover this damage

The Autostopcock is a patented product dating back to 1993 and offers a quality brass bodied valve connected to a battery operated control unit offering the following flood prevention benefits:-


Fully automatic features

Shuts off water supply in the event of ADVERSE WATER FLOW

Shuts off water supply in the event of RISK OF FREEZING

Shuts off water supply in the event of VACANT PROPERTY

Available in 15mm or 22mm valve options

Conserves Water

Control box can be located anywhere in your property