How to choose the perfect Christmas gift

Pick out the perfect Christmas gift by honing in on what you know about the receiver.

Pick out the perfect Christmas gift by honing in on what you know about the receiver.

By thinking about their personality, likes and hobbies, you won’t go wrong. Do:

1. Watch his/her habits. What does the recipient-to-be do on the weekend? Do they go to the movies or go hiking in the hills? Use this information to your advantage. Select a gift based on these habits (and not your own).

2. Check out her/his history. Pick out the perfect Christmas gift for a child or spouse by checking what’s under his “history” button on the computer. This area on a Windows tool bar shows where a person’s been surfing on the Internet. If the same web page showing a pair of shoes or jacket pops up several times, this item (in the proper size) will make a great gift.

3. Go with the obvious. What is obvious about the friend or family member you want to give a gift to? Is he a die-hard football lover or games fanatic? Use your common sense and purchase a gift based on the most apparent aspect of this individual’s personality. You know - what you see regularly and focus on this information.

4. Remember prior years. Last year, what did the person you’re giving a gift to rave about getting on Christmas day? Pick out the perfect Christmas gift by using this memory as guidance. If this person couldn’t stop talking about a new camera, buy them accessories for the item. Work off of this type of knowledge when you go shopping.

5. Talk to a good friend. Good friends often know what their buddies enjoy. So, ask around. Talk to the best friend of your child. What did he tell him he wanted for Christmas? Was the item a new bike or a trip ice skating? If feasible, buy this item and make the receiver’s holiday bright.

6. Ask for a short wish list. Don’t have a clue what to give a certain someone for Christmas? Request a short wish list. Insist that the person write on paper 5 things he wants Santa to bring on Dec. 25. Then, use what you receive to shop for him. Be sure to stick to it and don’t be tempted to take home anything else from the store.

Feel better about the arrival of Santa? Don’t mess up again this year. Use these suggestions and buy that special someone a gift that will make him or her or them jolly.