Golf Cabriolet is one of the best

Have you ever dreamt of swooshing down some exotic road, with the sunlight dappling through the trees in an open top convertible?

Have you ever dreamt of swooshing down some exotic road, with the sunlight dappling through the trees in an open top convertible?

If you answered yes to that, you have the same dream as me. I love the idea of hearing the sounds of nature alongside the sound of an engine while have the sky as the roof on my car.

This dream is now achievable because VW have brought out the Golf Cabriolet, a four seat soft top that has to be one of the best they’ve ever made; it’s certainly the prettiest. Even with the roof up it’s a tidy little two door with plenty of personality but when you get the top off it’s like those beautiful women that you only see in summer wearing very little and it makes you wonder where they hide during winter months.

Looks aside, there’s plenty of practicality there too. You will fit four adults into the car with the roof up or down, child seats are no problem either. There’s lots of storage in the cabin and there’s a decent sized boot although the boot opening is small enough you’ll still get a couple of week’s worth of shopping in there. The roof doesn’t intrude into the boot space, it just electrically folds away into it’s self which is a little hypnotising to watch and amuses people at traffic lights. It’s folded in seconds but you can do it on the move, below 30kph the roof will still open and close but I would only do that rarely if ever because a stiff breeze can cause enough drag to bend the hinges.

There’s a decent choice of engines to choose from, in diesel you can have the 1.6tdi, 2.0tdi 140bhp and 2.0tdi 140bhp auto but the real sweet nut for me is the 1.2TSI petrol engine that’s in my test car, it manages 4.8ltrs per 100kms average, tax band B and starts at €28,465 on the road.

I know that may seem like a lot seeing as you can have a full size 5 door Golf for €19,995 on the road but you can’t fit a potted palm tree in the back of a full size Golf, you can in a convertible.

One of the greatest driving experiences I’ve had came courtesy of the little Golf, I drove from Kildare to Dublin through Newbridge and Naas towns.

It felt exotic and oh so cool to crawl through the traffic with the roof down and have people on the street say hello to me from the comfort of the drivers seat.

I was in no hurry so I took my time on the N7 and just let the summer sun do what it does while listening to the burble of the little 1.2 turbo engine. I got sunburn on my face and right arm, oh but it was worth it.

You should drop into Maxwell motors in Athy 059 86 31465 and ask about the new Golf , you need to get that feeling of breeze on the back of your neck to appreciate what I’m on a about so book a test drive now!