The revamped Honda Accord

THE revamped Honda Accord includes refreshed looks, improved driving comfort, lower CO2 emissions, improved fuel consumption and lower prices.

THE revamped Honda Accord includes refreshed looks, improved driving comfort, lower CO2 emissions, improved fuel consumption and lower prices.

The latest Accord, which arrives in Ireland this week, also introduces minor changes to safety, ride and handling improvements, as well as exterior and interior refinements.

Five variations of the revamped Accord, all powered by Honda’s famous ‘whispering diesel’ 2.2 litre i-DTEC engine, will go on sale immediately and they are the entry grade ES, the sporty Type S and the luxury high spec EX options.

Across the range 6-speed manual transmissions is standard and a 5 speed automatic transmission option is available for the Type S and EX grades only. The introduction of a more powerful Type S option, delivering 180ps, is planned for late summer.

Petrol units will continue to feature in the price list but will be available to special order only.

The big news on the new Accord is the reduction in CO2 emissions, which coupled with engine refinements dramatically creates lower retail pricing and delivers reduced annual road tax and fuel consumption costs.

The outcome is a significant price reduction for both the ES and Type S manual transmission options reaching a height of €3,297 on the 2.2 Type S. In addition, both options now fall into the B tax band which culminates in an annual road tax tariff of €156.

Frank Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director of Universal Honda, said the introduction of this revamped Accord was very significant.

“It highlights the critical importance and subsequent benefit of delivering lower CO2 emissions in the context of local environmental policy,” he added. “This trend will continue across the Honda range over the coming months and years’.

Fuel Economy and Emission Improvements

The refined 2.2 litre150ps i-DTEC diesel engine has had internal frictional losses reduced to improve economy and emissions, resulting in improved emissions.

These internal changes have been combined with a host of under-body aerodynamic aids, including larger front air dam, under-floor and a rear sub-frame cover. Honda’s engineers have also reduced frictional losses in the wheels and tyres with low friction wheel bearings and reduced rolling resistance tyres.

The automatic models have also benefitted from minimised functional losses in the gearbox and optimised ratios to improve economy and emissions.

Exterior and interior

The Accord’s revised exterior styling includes small but noticeable changes to the headlights and bumpers. The headlights have been given a cleaner, crisper appearance with the previously amber indicators now in a clear finish. The grille has been subtly remodelled for a sportier look.

At the rear, the lights are finished in light red and the styling has a more rounded finish than its predecessor. Three new colours have been added to the range: Alabaster Silver, Graphite Lustre and Celestial Blue Pear.

New seat materials and door linings change the ambiance of the interior of the car. Leather upholstery is standard on EX and Type S-180ps models.

Driving comfort

Engineers from Japan worked with colleagues in Germany and UK to further refine the dampers of the Accord to make them suitable for the vast range of road conditions found in Europe.

A quieter cabin has been achieved with the adoption of higher density foam under the bonnet and dash board areas; a revised under-floor insulation teamed with additional sound deadening shields and exhaust manifold cover of the diesel engine and a O.9mm increase in the thickness of the rear window glass, all resulting in an improvement of driver and passenger experience.