Audi A1 - fun, playful and practical

Audi have this ability to make a car for individuals, by that I mean Audi have a car in the line up that suits your needs perfectly; just you.

Audi have this ability to make a car for individuals, by that I mean Audi have a car in the line up that suits your needs perfectly; just you.

For instance, the Q3 is for young couples with one or two children, they have two incomes and go surfing on the weekend. The A7 is for the mature executive who wants to show that he’s done well for himself and he’s still down with the youth, sure other people will buy it but Audi made it for him.

The A1 Sportback is a five door version of the smallest car Audi make and the Sportback brings more practicality to the range. It’s longer and obviously has two more doors than the original, this is a car for young people who want to get into the Audi brand for the first time but still need the room to put people in the back seat.

The engines start out with the 1.2 TFSI petrol which is surprisingly brilliant, it’s like seeing a cute kitten that when it meows, sounds like a Lion. There’s a great noise from the engine anywhere in the rev range, it’s very satisfying letting the revs run up to the red line; you’re not going very fast but the noise and torque is brilliant and that’s what matters.

You can also plump for the 1.4 TFSI which gives all the fun but with 125bhp you will be going fast, very fast; it’s a fantastic engine. From diesel we get the 1.6TDI and 2.0TDI both are hugely efficient and if you’re a high mileage kind of person these engines will pay for themselves.

The A1 is the German version of the Fiat 500 because it’s fun, playful and practical all in the right quantities; yet it shows restraint because even the 1.2 petrol feels happy on the motorway. My test car has the smallest engine; I have plenty of power and decent fuel economy while still being in tax band A.

There’s decent kit too, a pop up screen in the centre for MMI, Bluetooth and radio functions. Height adjustable seat and controls on the steering wheel with manual air conditioning (my favourite kind) make the cabin a lovely place to be.

The exterior has great proportions, actually I think it looks better than the 3 door and that’s rare. As always with Audi there are pages of options you can choose from, you can even choose the colour of the plastic that surrounds the air vents. You can have 18” alloys but don’t, it ruins the ride on the back roads just stick with the 17” versions.

The A1 Sportback is Audi in fun mode, it handles like its on rails, and even the small engines sound like a V8 and it’ll put a big smile on your face every time you have to drive it. It’s available right now in Sheehy Motors Naas 045 906666 with prices starting at a very reasonable €19,910 it’s selling quickly too, don’t miss out on the happiness the little A1 will give you.