Heads up on Ireland’s hair obsession

NEW Survey Commissioned by Viviscal Reveals Just How Important Our Hair is to our Self Confidence

NEW Survey Commissioned by Viviscal Reveals Just How Important Our Hair is to our Self Confidence

Survey reveals 91% of Irish women spend up to €100 each month on their locks

Irish males not far behind –

* 72% spend up to €1200 each year on their hair

* 47% of women admit that hair is a big part of their self confidence

* 58% of women use hair straighteners

* 67% of women dye their hair

* 47% of Irish people (incorrectly) think thinning hair is down to genetics and ageing

A new survey shows just how truly obsessed this country has become when it comes to hair. The survey commissioned by leading Irish owned hair supplement Viviscal and carried out by iReach in March 2012 reveals that the country’s recession has not made any difference to the way people are still spending vast amounts of money on their hair. A staggering 83% of all women and men are still going to great lengths for their hair – in fact spending up to €1,200 euros each year on different products, treatments and styling.

The survey reveals some interesting insights; that although we are still splurging on our hair, it’s less to do with vanity and more for self confidence, particularly amongst women. The state of a woman’s hair is almost twice as likely to affect her state of mind compared to Irish males with 47% of women revealing that bad hair can rock their self confidence as opposed to 29% of men.

Self confidence is the key to feeling and looking good and for many of us our hair plays an enormous part according to expert Trichologist, Deborah Whelan who explains:

“Through twenty years as a registered trichologist I know that feeling good about hair can largely determine a woman’s mood for the entire day and affect the decisions she will make. Many women who experience hair problems such as thinning hair and hair loss avoid mirrors, friends, shops, bars/restaurants as they are brightly lit and show up their hair. I frequently meet women with thinning hair who think about their hair every hour of the day and have some night cried themselves to sleep with worry.”

Thinning hair is something 50% of men and 22% of women in Ireland suffer from yet still remains a taboo topic and there is still a huge amount of misinformation and misunderstanding about its causes,

“While hair thinning and hair loss is commonly linked to a heredity predisposition, the fact is that poor nutrition, hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy, stress and illness can also play a very significant part and it is therefore very surprising to see that 47% of people do not realise this, and the fact that there are treatments and help for this distressing condition.”

Wondering what the key is to achieve healthy looking hair and boost self confidence? Deborah Whelan recommends starting to work from within. To give your hair a new lease of life Viviscal Maximum Strength, a nutritional supplement made using natural ingredients is specifically developed to help nourish damaged and thinning hair,

“Those who suffer can find rescue with products like Viviscal that work naturally to promote hair from within and are becoming increasingly popular; many of my patients take them.”

Scientifically proven to promote existing hair growth, Viviscal is ideal for those who want to experience a natural boost in the condition, strength and re- growth of their hair. Viviscal contains the exclusive AminoMar C™ - a protein-rich compound made with marine extracts, Acerola Cherry (a potent source of vitamin C giving 75% of RDA) and Horse Tail extract (contains high amounts of soluble silica).

Scientific Evidence

The following results were recorded from participants with thinning hair. * 100% of participants’ hair had stopped thinning after 2 months * 85% experienced total hair regrowth after 8 months

Of 50 thinning hair sufferers:

* 92% experienced regrowth of hair after 6 months

* 54% experienced 70-95% regrowth after 12 months

*14% reported total regrowth after 12 months

* 68% were highly satisfied with the treatment results after the study and a further 20% estimated the results as good.

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