Enjoy some Spring treats

Enjoy some seasonal treats with these mouth watering recepies.

Enjoy some seasonal treats with these mouth watering recepies.

What’s cooking with The Bridge House Hotel’s Award winning chef Paddy Kennedy

Filo basket with black pudding apple, smoked bacon and blue cheese

Ingredients Four portions

4 Sheets filo pastry cut in squares

1 Ring Clonakilty Black Pudding

4 Smoked streaky rashers

2 Cox pippin apple peeled and cored

1 Wedge cashel blue cheese

50g Melted butter


Cut the filo sheets into squares, brush them with melted butter

Brush some moulds with melted butter and drape the filo over them

Cook in a hot oven 175c for ten mins, remove and keep warm

Cut the pudding into slices and fry in pan, add the smoked bacon

Add the apple, place all the ingredients in a bowl and crumble in the cheese

Dress with a little oil and vinegar

Add to the warm filo baskets and top with a little salad

Roast Rump of Lamb with a redcurrant and rosemary jus

Ingredients Four Portions

4 Lamb rumps well trimmed of fat and sinew

1 tbspn Chopped thyme

1 tbspn Chopped rosemary

3 cloves Crushed garlic

30ml White wine

50g Diced shallot

100ml Brown stock

Salt and pepper

Oil for cooking


Heat oil in oven proof pan

Season lamb with salt and pepper, rub generously with the herbs and garlic.

Roast lamb in hot oven and cook to your preference, about 15 minutes gives a juicy med-rare product, which we call pink or rose

Remove the meat and keep hot, and allow it to rest

Pour off the excess fat from the pan, being careful to retain any sediment that has formed

Add a little butter to the pan, and the diced shallot, and the chopped herbs, and garlic.

Deglace the pan with the white wine, and reduce, add the lamb jus, and a spoon of redcurrant jelly.

Correct the seasoning and the consistency.

Carve the lamb on to hot plates.

Chef’s Note

Garnish this dish with fondant potatoes and some nice vegetable puree