Isuzu D-Max is fully equipped

Many years ago when every second farmer and business owner owned an Isuzu Trooper it was the car to have.

Many years ago when every second farmer and business owner owned an Isuzu Trooper it was the car to have.

There was a number of good reasons for this but the main one wasthere wasn’t much of an alternative.

Everything else was built to be hard wearing or it had 5 seats and so wasn’t a commercial.

That market began to die as people wanted more refinement and more style, the Trooper was just a big block.

Now there’s a market for a 5 seat pick up in Ireland because they are a do-anything kind of car.

If you need to move 5 workers, a generator and a tonne of gravel across a mucky site there really isn’t any other kind of car you can have. Enter the D-Max and Isuzu have done some clever things to it, there’s a much more ergonomic dashboard with a circle in the middle for the air con and steering wheel mounted controls for cruise control and volume on the radio.

It’s comfy too although you can feel the spring system working because of the length of the car and also it’s firmness on the back to be able to carry weight over the back wheels.

There’s enough room in the back for both adults and kids and it’s at the right height for easy entry.

On the road it’s comfy and overall quiet for it’s size.

The 2.5ltr diesel unit puts out a handy 163bhp and 400Nm of torque, the latter figure matters more than the first one because it’s torque that helps you tow heavy things and the D-Max is no slouch here.

Consumption isn’t bad either, it returns 7.4ltrs combined which is great considering the size of the thing.

The 4wd is standard, it has both high and low modes and seemingly you can change to 4H at speeds up to 100kph, I wouldn’t even if I was told it could but it did change to 4wd at 50kph right before getting dirty on the Curragh.

If you turn off the traction control you’ll make fine steady progress, it does cut in a little early when the going gets tough.

The gear ratio is perfect for the mixed driving that we do in Ireland, it’s quiet on the motorway or in a field; on one downhill bit I was wondering was it running or did I cut it out.

The big factor is price, the D-Max fully loaded with everything I mentioned plus heated leather seats, automatic climate control, bluetooth, usb connection, electronic stability control, traction control, side steps and roof bars all as standard comes in at €34,735 inc VAT and VRT on the road and commercial road tax is €333.

With Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota and now Ssangyong re-entering the market there’s lots to choose from but when it comes to value for money its hard to ignore the quality of the D-Max.

**** All-new Isuzu D-Max for European market use 2.5-liter twin-turbo diesel that make 163 PS (120 kW; 161 hp) power and 400 N·m (295 lb·ft) of torque, 5-speed manual replaced with 6-speed one

In UK, range are Single Cab, Extended Cab, Double Cab, Double Cab Eiger, Double Cab Yukon and Double Cab Utah and all except Single Cab use 4x4 powertrain as standard and featuring standard features like, 6 Airbags, Stability control, Daytime running lights, Rev counter, Air conditioning, Front electric windows and Immobilizer.