What’s your beauty personality?

Discover make-up secrets to inspire confidence. Bobbi Brown reveals all in her seventh beauty book, ‘Pretty Powerful’.

Discover make-up secrets to inspire confidence. Bobbi Brown reveals all in her seventh beauty book, ‘Pretty Powerful’.

Blending, contouring, highlighting and feature enhancement... There are endless make-up artist techniques to experiment with new looks but Bobbi Brown has introduced a brand new base for beauty: personality.


By Lisa Haynes


Her latest book, Pretty Powerful, is a unique style of make-up manual that helps define your beauty type according to your character.

Katie Holmes is clearly inspired by Bobbi’s message, having recently signed to be the first celebrity face of the brand.

“Pretty Powerful symbolises my belief that all women possess natural beauty, and with the right tools, are empowered to a higher level of pretty,” says Bobbi.

“Make-up is a way to help women look and feel their best, whether it’s for a day at the office, an evening soiree, or night out with friends. It’s about finding what works best for you and then experimenting from there.”

Here, Bobbi reveals her Pretty Powerful make-up personalities and confidence-boosting beauty tips.


Pretty natural

You love the healthy, natural glow that comes from wearing subtle make-up and your mantra is ‘less is more’.

“It starts with a sparkle in the eye and amazingly clear skin,” says Bobbi. “These women are the epitome of health and wellness - not only stunningly understated in their beauty but they also understand that subtle style simply works.”

Bobbi’s top tips:

:: Begin with a dab of corrector or concealer just where you need it most, then a light foundation or tinted moisturiser that completely blends into your skin.

:: Go with a pretty blush that is the colour your cheeks turn when you exercise.

:: Choose a lip colour in the natural tone that appears when you bite your lips (your perfect nude).


Pretty radiant

Looking radiant and exuding positive energy is your beauty goal, whether that’s through bringing light and sparkle to your face or using colour.

“Pretty radiant women use both beauty and style to express their personalities,” explains Bobbi. “This doesn’t mean over-the-top make-up. It’s more about expressing their individuality with just a pop of colour or a touch of sparkle.”

Bobbi’s top tips:

:: To bring colour, warmth and sheen to your face, apply a creamy blush. Shimmer powder looks gorgeous when dusted on cheekbones.

:: Adding sheer gloss to your lids makes them shine. Light-reflective shimmer shadows are another beautiful way to add sparkle.

:: Add creamy lipstick in a shade that’s pretty and not too strong.


Pretty strong

Your beauty routine is based around practicality and time-saving as you’re athletic, sporty and often on the run.

“A woman can be strong in character or strong in body but it is pretty powerful when both qualities come together,” says Bobbi. “Pretty, soft make-up plays on your natural beauty without overpowering your healthy look.”

Bobbi’s top tips:

:: If you’re particularly active, tinted moisturiser evens out skin tone, won’t look heavy or out of place, and stays on.

:: For eyes, choose long-lasting products like gel liner and waterproof mascara.

:: Just a touch of gloss or lip balm is all you need for your lips.


Pretty classic

Your look epitomises timeless style, with a chic wardrobe and polished make-up.

“I admire women who are pretty classic because they’re consistent not only with their style but with everything else,” Bobbi says. “They are trustworthy, solid and dependable.”

Bobbi’s top tips:

:: A classic look starts with perfect, even skin, so use the correct foundation formula for your skin type - matte, sheer or richly moisturising.

:: To create a classic eye, you’ll need three basic eye shadows: light, medium and dark. Use the lightest shade all over lid, medium shade from lash line to just above the crease, and darkest shade to line the top lash.

:: A classic lip is pretty and feminine. Choose a colour a little brighter than your own lip and, for extra definition, use a pencil in the same colour.


Pretty authentic

You love playing up your best features to express who you are and avoid faddy make-up looks.

“They tend to stick to what they love and only adopt trends that are right for them,” says Bobbi. “The danger is that authentic women can sometimes find themselves in a style rut because they’re too complacent and comfortable. An update every two years is a good rule of thumb.”

Bobbi’s top tips:

:: Choose a foundation that provides some coverage but is still sheer enough that you see your skin through it. Use a light undereye concealer if necessary.

:: Bronzer is an easy way to add colour and warmth to your face. For a healthy glow, apply where sun naturally hits your skin - cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.

:: If you have freckles, embrace them rather than hide them. Enhance using warm bronzer or apricot blush, or try pretty pink lips and cheeks.


Pretty bold

You’re at your happiest pushing the beauty boundaries and experimenting with new looks.

“They pull things off that would make the rest of us look totally absurd,” Bobbi says. “Boldness should not be confused with bad taste; the trick is to be age-appropriate and, of course, comfortable.”

Bobbi’s top tips:

:: A bright pop of colour on the cheeks paired with nude lips is eye-catching.

:: Line eyes with an unexpected shade like plum or violet, and smudge.

:: There’s something very cool about the contrast of a fresh face and a hot pink or neon orange lip. You can also create drama by pairing beige lips with a smoky metallic eye.