Great ways to make Mother’s Day that bit more extra special

WHY not give your mother a pleasant surprise on her day with some of these pratical examples?

WHY not give your mother a pleasant surprise on her day with some of these pratical examples?

- Do your homework: Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, so why not get your homework out of the way early in the weekend so you can spend the entire day with mum?

- With some planning, you can dedicate a good grade in school to Mum. Work extra hard on a school project or paper or tell her you earned that good grade for all the help she’s given you.

- Clean your room: She’s nagged you and nagged you. Make the chore part of your gift on Mother’s Day.

- Mum’s Day Off: Plan a Mother’s Day in which Mum is completely off the hook. If you’re old enough to drive, be her chauffeur for the day. Take over the housework for a day.

- Wash her car and vacuum the interior for a unique and impromptu Mother’s Day gift. Give her car a tune-up. If you’re an older child with driving privileges, take her car for an oil-change.

- Why not urge Mom to take time for a personal Bubble Bath? Don’t interrupt her with chores or questions about dinner, but deliver her a good book, a cosy robe and run a hot bath, complete with candles and her favorite bath oils, salts or bubble bath.

- Draw or paint a picture.

- Play Mum your own Music. If you play an instrument, love to sing, write your own songs or even play other peoples’ songs, then consider performing for her on Mother’s Day. Whether you’re studying for the conservatory, or simply like to jam with a local garage band, Mum will be touched by the effort you’ve devoted to composing and practicing a piece in her honour.

- Mother’s Day Essay: Write about what Mum means to you, what she does for you, and what makes her a great mother.

- Tell Mum something nice about her. Did someone say something nice about Mum? Whether it was a neighbour, friend or even a family member, let her know about it.

- Give Mom a Mother’s Day hug. You can’t get much simpler or sincere than this.

And even if you and your mother don’t live on each other’s doorsteps, there are still ways in which you can share in the big day.

- Call and spend more than your perfunctory couple of minutes with her. She’s wanted to know all about you, so share your week’s exploits, highlights of your job, boss gripes, favourite wines, good movies, favourite coffee shop, current date, etc. She’s dying to know.