Cribbin delighted with Bord na Mona energy-saving initiative in Edenderry

There has been considerable uptake

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


Cribbin delighted with Bord na Mona energy-saving initiative in Edenderry

L-R : Tom Quinn, BNM, Niall Mc Namara, BNM, Aishling Elright, Eoin Byrne, Byrnes Bar, Cllr Noel Cribbin, John Butler, Edenderry Golf Club, Damien O Donoghue, O Donoghue’ Bar

Offaly County Councillor Noel Cribbin has said he is delighted with the results to date of a Bord Na Mona project to deliver Energy savings to small and medium sized businesses in Edenderry.

Edenderry is just the second town in Ireland where businesses and SMEs make the switch from their old light fittings to new high-quality LED bulbs for free.

The move will result in a reduction of up to 70% in lighting bills for businesses and is part of a Bord na Mona initiative. Tullamore was the first town where businesses could avail of the switch after a collaboration between Bord na Mona and the Tullamore Chamber of Commer.

"With the great history between Bord Na Mona and Edenderry I proposed to Tom Quinn of the Bord that Edenderry would be the second town in Ireland to join the Race and to be fair to both Tom and the Bord my proposal was immediately accepted," Noel told us.

"What this meant was that the local businesses in Edenderry had a great opportunity to make huge and permanent saving to their monthly ESB bill by simply participating with BNM and E Light in changing over from their standard light to LED."

"ELight carried out the work on behalf of BNM and they produced a leaflet which gave the types of bulbs that they could switch and my job was to call to all the local businesses in the town / over 80 and give them the opportunity to participate in this unique project."

"This was an eye opener for me and of the 80 businesses contacted, 20 had made or had started the changeover to LED, 40 businesses were not suitable as they had the old fluorescent light fittings and these fittings were not on the E Light leaflets," Noel explained.

"However over 20 businesses or one in four were acceptable and thankfully ELight staff called to these premises and carried out the Switch for Free making considerable saving to those very grateful local businesses from pubs, to clubs to opticians."

John Wyer on behalf of Edenderry Golf Club said, “the Bord Na Mona and ELight energy - efficient lighting project for No Cost initiative has been a God send for Edenderry Golf Club and over 65 downlights throughout the club have been replaced with new energy saving lights which will generate up to 85% savings on our monthly light bill from now on."

"It's a huge saving and we in the club would highly recommend that where possible SMEs should make the Switch, we thank Bord Na Mona for their brilliant initiative and ELight for their work carried out in the clubhouse and lastly to local Councillor Noel Cribbin in arranging this work."

Eoin Byrne from Byrnes Bar was also delighted to be included in the project and “swapping over 120 bulbs was done swiftly and with great ease as well as saving on our ESB bill we also noted how vibrant and bright our premises has become since the installation and I would highly recommend this service to anyone interested in reducing their utility bills and our carbon footprint."

"As a local Cllr I was only delighted to work with both BNM and ELIGHT on this unique project and to be able to offer to local businesses real and long term saving to their particular business and great credit must go to Tom Quinn of BNM for his initiative and I look forward to working with the Bord on similar projects in the future," says Cllr Noel Cribbin.

Cllr Cribbin has said the uptake in the scheme has been fantastic and he hopes that more businesses will follow suite. For those seeking further information, Cllr Noel Cribbin can be contacted on 087 9073804.