Switch your home to a cleaner energy solution




Switch your home to a cleaner energy solution

PICTURED: Local Calor Home Energy Consultant Eddie Byrne

Many Irish families heat their homes with old, inefficient boilers and out-dated heating systems. These systems not only waste money, but may not be as effective in heating your home. At Calor, we incorporate sustainability into our home heating solutions and that’s why by choosing Calor, you can reduce your energy bills while reducing your carbon emissions.

The ideal heating system is flexible, cost-effective and as clean as possible. Running your home on coal, wood, pellets or other solid fuels can be inefficient. For those wanting to make a switch, Calor is leading the drive to a cleaner energy system. In Co. Offaly, Local Calor Home Energy Consultant Eddie Byrne is on hand to assist and advise you with ways to make your home more sustainable.

Calor LPG is one of the cleanest fuels available. Calor has been providing cooking, gas and heating solutions to Offaly homes for over eighty years. Calor LPG is over 10% cleaner than home heating oil. Switching to Calor means that you can, at any time, seamlessly switch to Ireland’s very first renewable gas, BioLPG. 

BioLPG is exclusively available in Ireland from Calor and is perfect for homes and businesses aiming to make more sustainably-conscious choices. Switching to Calor’s 100% renewable gas using the same boiler can further reduce emissions by another 50%.

Switching to gas does not require significant alterations to your home, meaning a small change that makes a huge difference.
By switching over to Calor, Ireland’s largest Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) provider, before May 31st, you could qualify for a free boiler*.

Calor Home Energy Consultant Eddie Byrne will work with Registered Gas Installers in your local area to deliver your home heating solution safely.

This may mean that our energy expert calls you as opposed to meeting you face to face. Site visits will be carried out with the social distancing guidelines followed.

For more information on switching to LPG or BioLPG and our free boiler offer, log on to www.calorgas.ie or call 1850 812 450.

*terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 31.05.21