New management structure and team unveiled at Roscrea hotel

Racket Hall Hotel have announced the changes





New management structure and team unveiled at Roscrea hotel

Allen McEenry - Managing Director, Jane Greene – Duty Manager, Gerry Lavin – General Manager, Kieran Bradshaw – Operations Manager

Racket Hall Hotel in Roscrea has updated its management structure.

"These changes are as a result of certain departures and also to position us well in advance of things getting some way back to normal," the hotel has said.

Mr Gerry Lavin has been appointed General Manager. Gerry joins from the Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe but has significant experience having worked in Dunboyne Castle as Operations Manager, Mount Wolsey Hotel and The Anner Hotel as General Manager to name but a few.

"Mr Kieran Bradshaw will resume his original role as Operations Manager. We would also like to recognise the recent arrival of Ms Jane Greene, Jane has joined us in a Duty Manager role and has settled in very well. Jane joined us from EMIRATES Airlines where she worked for the last five years," the announcement continued.

"These changes will strengthen our management structure and will enable us to consolidate growth to date and assist us in moving the hotel forward once we come out of Covid-19."

Racket hall is a forty bedroom, four-star property located in Roscrea, Co Tipperary. It is a member of Original Irish Hotels and is a very successful weddings and event hotel.