American property mogul to build golf course in Midlands

Planning Permission has been granted for the development

Ryan Dunne


Ryan Dunne


Planning Permission has been granted for the development

Planning Permission has been granted for the development

An American property mogul is set to build a new golf course in the grounds of Capard Demesne in Rosenallis.

Capard House Limited, owned by businessman John Picerne whose company the Corvias Group specialises in military and student accommodation in the US, have been granted permission to retain ground works to agricultural land at Capard Demesne and to change the use of these upper farm lands from agriculture to a private golf course, the use of which will be solely incidental to the use of Capard House as a private residence.

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All associated site works necessary to facilitate the development including landscaping and native planting are included.

The lands are located within the overall grounds of Capard Demesne, which includes a number of protected structures including Capard House. The application does not propose any works to a protected structure or its immediate curtilage.

The council has granted permission, subject to six conditions.

The new golf course must be compliant with the provisions of the Laois County Development Plan 2017-2023 and with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

It must be for private use only, and there are to be no signs on site or on the approach road without prior planning permission.

Mitigation measures for surface water flow and quality controls are needed, and during the development works no material from the site is to be spread or deposited along the public roadway.

In addition, an archaeologist is to monitor all further groundworks and excavations during the process.

The developer must also pay a development contribution to the council of €10,000.

The Capard House estate was sold to Mr Picerne in 2015 by antique and jewellery dealer John Farrington for a reported €4,246,000, making it one of the biggest sales of 2015.

John and Heather Picerne registered their new Irish company, Capard House Limited, in October 2015.

It seems that Mr Picerne is himself a keen golfer, for under his biography on the Corvias company website it reads: “When he’s not at work, you can find John on the golf course or traveling to enjoy global cultures and cuisines.”