USIT hiring soccer players from Offaly to work in America

‘Coach Soccer USA Programme’ is hiring soccer coaches and players from Offaly

Damian Moran


Damian Moran


Soccer players from Offaly could be hired to work in America next summer

USIT’s ‘Coach Soccer USA Programme’ is hiring soccer coaches and players from Offaly and surrounding areas to work abroad this summer

At USIT’s Carlow IT recruiting day on October 3, anyone with an interest in soccer and working in the US for the summer can attend. Interested parties don’t need to be students – just be enthusiastic about soccer, be between the ages of 18-30 and not be put off by the idea of working with kids!

The soccer coaching recruiting sessions are really straight forward in that potential candidates prepare a short coaching session to show off their understanding of how to teach a skill or drill. Each candidate will then have a quick chat with the recruiters to show off their personality.

USIT assures that most people who attend the recruitment sessions find the process very easy and it gives them a good taster of what a summer coaching in the US will be like.

The coaches who get offered a contract will spend 6-12 weeks traveling throughout the States working at different youth soccer camps. Each week, coaches will travel and live with different host families where they will work in a new camp. Many of USIT’s soccer coaches have been placed in a variety of locations around America including New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Hawaii and much more. When the coaches’ contract is finished they get 30 days to travel through the states. Joe Rogers, from Dublin, got to go to Vegas this year when his contract was finished and he soaked up the atmosphere when a certain Crumlin man was about to take the ring.


 Joe Rogers and Coach John Kavanagh

With meals and accommodation included during their stay in the States, soccer coaches are free to enjoy their time working with young and eager soccer enthusiasts like themselves, or explore the city they are staying in during their free time.

Carlow IT grad, Sean Mooney, who got hired for summer 2017 reported that the recruitment days are pretty easy and relaxed; you don’t need to be Messi to get hired. He felt genuinely fortunate to be given this fantastic opportunity.

To get the chance to be hired as a soccer coach in the States this summer, hopeful candidates can sign up to the Carlow recruitment day on the USIT website by clicking here